Sesame Street
Season 43

Season 43

1. Baby Bear Comes Clean

Sep 27, 2012
Baby Bear is all dressed up and ready to visit Granny when a chance encounter with Telly and a bright purple ice cream cone cause a laundry disaster! They wipe, they scrub, they vacuum, but nothing seems to work. It's going to take a village and some imagination to fix this mess!

2. Me Am What Me Am

Oct 19, 2012
They say patience is a virtue, but tell that to Cookie Monster when there's a fresh batch of cookies baking! He chomps on some carrots while he waits when a reporter for Extra Sesame Street, Mario Lopez, pops in and catches Cookie in the act! Will Cookie now be known as a Veggie Monster?

3. Brandeis Is Looking For A Job

Nov 21, 2012
Brandeis, the yellow Labrador goes job hunting on Sesame Street. He gets offers from Leela and Chris, but having paws means he isn't able to fold laundry or sweep. What's a dog to do? When Elmo sees Gina training a service dog it gives him an idea! Could this be the job that Brandeis is looking for?

4. Don't Wake The Baby

Feb 4, 2013
Leela is rocking her baby niece Nila to sleep and wants to make sure that the noise is kept to a minimum so that she stays asleep. Telly and Elmo proclaim themselves the Noise Patrol, and vow to help keep the volume down on Sesame Street!

5. The Very End Of X

Feb 7, 2013
Big Bird and Snuffy are hosting "The Letter of the Day Show" on Sesame Street, but when a letter they were set to introduce breaks in two, they'll have to use their powers of deduction to figure out what the mystery letter was. The show must go on!

6. Sesame Street-o-saurus

Feb 8, 2013
Grover, Elmo, and Rosita are digging in the dirt and pretending to be Paleontologists. They imagine the items they've found might have once belonged to a dinosaur, but Chris teaches about the difference between actual fossils and ordinary stuff. If it's a dinosaur they're after, maybe they can create one using all of their finds -- has anyone ever heard of a Soup Ladle-O-Saurus!?

7. Finishing The Splat

Feb 14, 2013
Oscar's plan to create a painting so grouchy and ugly that everyone on Sesame Street will be mad is backfiring! He slops, he splatters, he splats -- but no matter what he does to make it worse, he just can't seem to rile them up -- will Oscar end up being the only angry person on Sesame Street?

8. Figure It Out Baby

Feb 21, 2013
There's a big concert coming to Sesame Street featuring Telly's favorite singer, LMNOP. There's only one problem -- his entire entourage is missing. Will he have to cancel his show? Well, not if his friends at Sesame have anything to say about it!

9. Build A Better Basket

Feb 14, 2013
Alan, Rosita, and Elmo are preparing a basket of goodies for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her grandma's house, but it has to be strong enough to stand up to the Big Bad Wolf. What materials can they find to construct a basket that can withstand his mighty wind?

10. Best House Of The Year

Apr 25, 2013
The Three Little Pigs are building a house to enter into the "Best House of the Year" contest. The Big Bad Wolf claims that he'll be able to blow their house down. No one actually believes it, but then again, he's been working out and practicing -- uh oh!

11. Trashgiving Day

Sep 27, 2012
It's the grouchiest holiday of the year -- Trashgiving Day! Oscar is in charge of the parade and he's got out of tune bands, flat balloons, and wilted flowers but will the parade succeed in being grouchy enough to please his boss, Mr. Disgracey?

12. Great Vibrations

Apr 25, 2013
Abby sees that Bob is teaching a music class and decides she'd like to join, but first she'll need an instrument. Grover appears with a suitcase filled with all sorts of instruments for her to select from, when he decides he's like to join too! Which instrument will he choose for himself?


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