Sesame Street Classics
Season 2

Season 2

1. Bill Cosby Sings!

Jan 19, 2009
Bert's a sneezing machine; train conductor Casey McPhee (Cookie Monster) has to fight the urge to eat his entire cookie cargo; Bert and Ernie demonstrate how to share cookies; and Bill Cosby stops by the Street to sing The Alphabet Song. This episode is brought to you by the letter G and the terrific number 3.

2. A Sesame Winter Wonderland

Nov 19, 1973's winter on Sesame Street. Grover warms up with a visit to his friend Kermit; the Yip Yips are transfixed by a ringing telephone; lovable waiter Grover delivers a bowl of alphabet soup with missing letters; and roving reporter Kermit the Frog interviews the Three Little Pigs in an installment of Sesame Street News Flash. This episode is brought to you by the letter U and the novel number 9.

3. Sherlock Hemlock Investigates

Nov 19, 1973
Sherlock Hemlock is on the case to solve the mystery of Ernie's missing sandwich; Roosevelt Franklin talks about street crossing safety; and mad practical joker Harvey Kneeslapper visits the Street. Bert and Ernie spend a day at the beach and have a run-in with Tough Eddie; and Bert and Susan share a humorous story about the King's Nose. This episode is brought to you by the letters Q and S, and the excellent number 8.

4. Lena Horne Sings the Alphabet Song

Nov 19, 1973
Singer Lena Horne stops by to belt out The Alphabet Song; Bob tells an enchanting tale of Cutie and the Beast; Cookie and Ernie match up cookies while Kermit plays the imagination game; and-hold onto your hats-Bad Bart, the meanest man in the West, pays a visit to the Street. This episode is brought to you by the letters C and Y, and the extraordinary number 11.

5. Kermit Sings!

Oct 2, 2012
Grover explains the meaning of "first" and "last"; Cookie Monster has to decide which cookie shape is best; Kermit belts out a tune called "This Frog"; and trouble is afoot as Ernie prevents Bert from getting a good night's sleep. Also, the Two-Headed Monster and Grundgetta, Oscar's girlfriend, pay a visit to the Street. This episode is brought to you by the letters G and Q, and the thrilling number 3.

6. Get Out and Vote

Nov 19, 1973
It's Election Day on Sesame Street, and Big Bird is very excited to get involved; Kermit the Frog presents a Sesame Street News Flash; The Count recounts his first day of school; and over at the Monster Disco, Grover performs his smash hit, "ABC Disco." World-class ballerina Suzanne Farrell stops by the Street to show off her high kick, and Guy Smiley plays "Name that Sound." This episode is brought to you by the letters J and N, and the fantastic number 5.

7. The Ten Commandments of Health

Oct 2, 2012
Achoo! Snuffy's got the sniffles and Big Bird thinks he needs a check-up; Dr. Thad and the Medications perform "The 10 Commandments of Health"; Kermit delivers an in-depth report on Hickory Dickory Dock in a Sesame Street News Flash. Plus: Ernie locks his cookies away from Cookie; and Super Grover does a fly-by while in search of a bus stop. This episode was brought to you by the letters M and O, and the nifty number 9.

8. Cookie Monster in Disguise

Nov 19, 1973
The Count and Olivia are photographing people on the Street; Cookie Monster is posing as a bunny (but why?); Bob and Simon identify barnyard sounds; and Wanda the Witch waxes poetic about the letter "W." This episode was brought to you by the letters U and W, and the fantastic number 4.

9. Legendary Country Star Johnny Cash Sings a "Tall Tale."

Nov 19, 1973
In this musical episode, country music legend Johnny Cash stops by to sing a song; Bert croons "Need a Friend"; Ernie sings about why "Breakfast Is the Best Meal of the Day"; and Elmo performs The Alphabet Song. Plus: Alistair Cookie and Monsterpiece Theater present "Little House on Prairie"; and Big Bird and Snuffy are FBA (Federal Bureau of Addition) agents whose assignment is to count pies. This episode was brought to you by the letters S and F, and the sensational number 6.

10. Welcome Wanda the Word Fairy

Nov 19, 1973
Wanda the Word Fairy (Andrea Martin) visits Sesame Street to demonstrate the meanings of certain words; a pair of flowers sing a song about how they came to be; Kermit tries to give Little Red Riding Hood directions to her grandmother's house (but she's preoccupied); the Two-Headed Monster needs a new pair of shoes; and Bert tries to track down just who is playing his favorite instrument, the tuba, in the park. This episode was brought to you by the letters C and P, and the tip-top number 3.

11. The Grand High Triangle Lover's Success Story

Nov 19, 1973
The Grand High Triangle lover shares his admiration for triangles with Telly; Bruce Stringbean and The S. Street Band perform the smash hit, "Barn in the USA;" Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates sing How Deep Is Your Bathtub ; Bert and Ernie demonstrate "loud" and "quiet," and Old MacDonald has a farm, but he's lost his animals! This episode was brought to you by the letter R and the splendid number 17.

12. Ruthie Dances

Nov 19, 1973
Get your body busy and put on your dancing shoes! Big Bird and guest star Ruth Buzzi dance 'til they drop! Airline passengers Bert and actor Rick Moranis discover what they have in common; Grover the waiter tries to serve food in high winds; Bert and Ernie sing about visiting the Moon; and keeping teeth clean is fun with the dancing dentists! This episode was brought to you by the letters C and R, and the festive number 14.


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