Sexy Beasts

ኦዲዮም ሆነ የግርጌ ጽሑፍ በቋንቋዎ አይገኙም። የግርጌ ጽሑፍ በእንግሊዝኛ ይገኛል።

In today's dating scene, appearance is everything. But what happens when you find yourself on a first date, face to face, with a "beast"? Using special effects makeup, Lion TV will transform eligible singles into the most incredible, movie-caliber monsters you've ever seen to see if they can get past appearances and find love on personality alone. "Sexy Beasts" is part dating show, part social experiment, part laugh-out-loud comedy.
ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ
14 ፌብሩ 2015

የትዕይንት ምዕራፍ 1
ክፍል 4

Dan, our funny, forever-single bachelor turned Frog, chooses from three girls... Angelina, the type-A Senior Citizen. Denise, the spunky She-Lion. And Shavon, the presumptuous Devil.
14 ፌብሩ 2015
14 ፌብሩ 2015
14 ፌብሩ 2015
14 ፌብሩ 2015
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