Sins & Secrets
Season 4

Season 4

1. Bloodshed on the Bayou

Apr 15, 2013
In 1998, in Lafayette, Louisiana, police found local oil man, Ronald Shaw, shot to death outside his home. According to Ronald's wife, three masked thieves committed the crime. But evidence soon suggests that this shooting wasn't random.

2. Happy Valentine's Slay

Apr 22, 2013
On Valentine's Day 1998, a woman approached the front desk of a St Michaels, MD resort to report a fire in her hotel room. Pulling a charred body from the smoke, investigators braced themselves for a holiday to remember.

3. Sweet Talker, Midnight Stalker

Apr 26, 2013
In 2009, in San Antonio, TX, beautiful Dana Clair Edwards, was found murdered in her condo. Evidence soon surfaced that suggested this wasn't a random crime. The true identity of the killer was more shocking than anyone could imagine.

4. Bible Belt Bloodshed

May 6, 2013
In 2009, humanitarian Grady Nichols seemed like the most revered man in all of Athens. Until he was shot on his back porch in an apparent botched robbery. Only a surprise confession would reveal the truth about Grady's death.

5. Bleed All About It

May 13, 2013
In Oakland, California, journalist Chauncey Bailey was gunned down in broad daylight by a masked man. Evidence soon surfaced that indicated it was the culmination of a deadly conspiracy at the heart of one of Oakland's most beloved institutions.

6. With This Ring, I Thee Kill

May 20, 2013
In 2009, in the quiet town of Pryor, Oklahoma, investigators find a local volunteer firefighter, Michael Cobb, beaten to death and set on fire in his own house. Investigators have reason to believe that someone close to him might be responsible.

7. The Murder Inn

May 27, 2013
Kathy Loreno enjoyed the simple life in Raymond until she up and vanished. Only a chilling account offered 9 years later would reveal the awful truth about Kathy's whereabouts and two more missing locals- Last seen in Raymond's real-life house of horrors.

8. To Have And To Kill

Jun 3, 2013
In 2002 in Topeka, Kansas, newly engaged Michael Sisco and Karen Harkness were brutally shot while they slept. Investigators would dig up family vendettas, scour the state for evidence, and save it from the cold case files before the truth would come out.

9. Dressed to Kill

Jun 10, 2013
In 2008, in Greeley, CO, aspiring model Angie Zapata was brutally beaten to death inside her city apartment. The deeper investigators dug, the more obvious it became that not everyone in Greeley was who they first appeared to be.

10. Murder, Lies, & Bondage Ties

Jun 17, 2013
In 1999, May Greineder was an ordinary homemaker in the upscale enclave of Wellesley. That is until May's husband found her butchered body sprawled on a walking path. Instead of a suspected serial killer, Police found a cover-up of deadly proportions.


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