Sister Wives
Season 6

Season 6

1. Picking Up the Pieces

Jul 21, 2013
The Browns make strides in reuniting the family by doing the first walk-throughs of each of their four adjacent homes. Meanwhile, the family business continues to struggle, creating tension among the wives. And Robyn asks Meri about her surrogacy offer.

2. Four Lives of Kody's Wives

Jul 28, 2013
Since leaving Utah, the wives have now settled into four separate lives. Janelle continues her weight-loss battle. Robyn fights to keep the family business afloat. Meri works hard to repair her relationship with Mariah and Christine rethinks her career.

3. Big Boy Panties!

Aug 4, 2013
Focused on their goal of being in all four houses by Christmas, snags in the building process threaten to ruin the Brown's dream. Meanwhile, Aspyn and Mariah discuss college plans. And one wife decides to possibly jump ship on the family business.

4. Odd Wife Out

Aug 11, 2013
With builders putting the finishing touches on their new homes, one major hurdle still remains for all of them -- closing on their mortgages? Will all four wives be able to afford their new home or will one of them be left with tears of disappointment?

5. Christmas Surprise

Aug 18, 2013
The Browns will celebrate Christmas a week later in hopes of getting everybody moved into their new houses, but will the extra time be enough? Meanwhile, Kody adds more stress by challenging his wives to a contest and Robyn has a special gift for Kody.

6. Robyn's Secret

Aug 25, 2013
In hopes of establishing their new homes, the family decides to bury a time capsule to symbolize putting down their roots. Later, the Browns hold their first church service since moving in and Robyn reveals some shocking secret from her past.

7. Polygamy Questions Answered

Sep 1, 2013
The viewers take control as the Browns are put to the test answering all your questions. What do the teens really think of the family dress code? Which mom is the strictest? Get all the behind-the-scenes details in this special episode of Sister Wives.

8. A Wife Decides

Sep 8, 2013
In an attempt to move forward with their new life, the Brown's celebrate by burning the bag Kody used daily to go between each house. Meanwhile, Janelle hits a plateau with her weight loss and Kody and Meri make a decision on Robyn's surrogacy offer.

9. Sister Wives On the Ropes

Sep 15, 2013
Tensions run high when the Browns must stand their ground at a debate with outspoken anti-polygamists with Christine's estranged aunt as one of them. Later, Meri and Kody receive some financial news that could affect Mariah's college plans.

10. Polygamist Marriage Therapy

Sep 22, 2013
Kody and his four wives travel to a couples retreat to tackle their relationship issues head on. After a meditation session that barely eases the emotional stress, Browns finally make a discovery on the root cause of their internal conflicts.

11. Sister Wives Tell All

Sep 22, 2013
The Brown family is back on the couch and ready to tell all in a revealing hour-long reunion special. Kody, Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn sit down with NBC's Tamron Hall to set the record straight .

12. Mother-in-Law Invasion

Dec 29, 2013
It's Mother's Day and Kody's mothers-in-laws are visiting, 9 moms in all. Kody makes Mother's Day breakfast. The wives discuss how to pay for their kids starting college, and how to improve their relationships before the commitment celebration.

13. Kody's Bro-mance

Jan 5, 2014
On a Mormon mission, Kody met friend, Brett. But as Kody turned toward Mormon Fundamentalism, Brett turned away. Now Kody and Brett are ready to rekindle their bro-mance. Meri's panic about her future empty nest grows as Mariah's graduation approaches.

14. Polygamist Flash Mob

Jan 12, 2014
It's Mariah and Aspyn's graduation day and Meri has a complete meltdown. Later, the Browns throw a party for the two girls, featuring what may be the very first “polygamist flash mob”. There's even a fortune teller who sees a fifth wife in Kody's future.

15. While the Wives are Away

Jan 19, 2014
It's a Brown family first when the wives take a road trip to San Francisco without Kody! The wives decide to work on their relationships by going dress shopping for their commitment celebration. And with the women gone, Kody is home alone with 17 kids.

16. Browns in Crisis

Jan 26, 2014
The Browns get a scare when Truely falls ill but are told she just has the flu. While preparing for Mariah's going away party, Truely's health worsens and Christine learns that she has a deteriorating condition and needs to be hospitalized immediately.

17. Tragedy in the Family

Feb 9, 2014
With the commitment celebration just a month and a half away, the Browns need to kick the plans into high gear. They meet with a party planner, but their efforts are interrupted by a sudden family tragedy– the second in two months.

18. Celebration Countdown

Feb 16, 2014
The Browns are preparing for their long-awaited Commitment Celebration. Tensions and tempers flare after a disastrous dress rehearsal with the entire family, leaving Kody and his wives wondering if all their hard work and planning will pay off.

19. The Commitment Celebration

Feb 23, 2014
After months of planning there's just 48 hours to go; the dresses are not ready, the lights are not strung, and 200+ guests are on their way. A surprise organized by the teenagers caps a unique event; a celebration of four marriages in one giant family.

20. Sister Wives Tell All 2

Feb 23, 2014
In this latest installment of Sister Wives Tell All, the Brown family sits down with NBC's Tamron Hall to dish about everything that happened on camera and behind the scenes on the latest season of of TLC's hit show.


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