South Beach Tow
Season 202

Season 202

1. Bernice Pops Off

Sep 19, 2012
When Robbie and Bernice crash an open house to repo the realtor's Maserati, an oceanside struggle ends in a big splash.

2. The Heat Is On

Sep 26, 2012
When Robbie and Bernice hope to cash in on an easy repo, a stage mom from hell puts a crimp in their plans. While assigned to a tow in a sushi restaurant parking lot, Eddie gets seriously lost in translation.

3. Lights Out

Oct 3, 2012
Bernice tries to tow the van of the electrician who has come to fix Tremont's power outage.

4. No Country for Perez

Oct 10, 2012
Perez gets rehired. Eddie and Bernice interrupt a booty-shaking video shoot.

5. Ruthless

Oct 17, 2012
Midwestern tourists cross Bernice. Perez handles a club kid poser.

6. What's Up With Christie?

Oct 24, 2012
A rival tower attempts to poach Robbie's repo, but the confrontation soon takes a bizarre turn.

7. The Last to Know

Oct 31, 2012
Jerome does a good deed for disgruntled senior citizens.

8. Black Dahlia

Nov 7, 2012
Christie must contend with a beautiful new dispatcher who mixes things up at Tremont.

9. The Inspection

Nov 14, 2012
A surprise inspection puts Tremont's survival in jeopardy.

10. Hit It And Quit It

Nov 21, 2012
Jerome's player ways lead to trouble in the field. Christie searches for a new dispatcher.

11. Storm Clouds

Nov 28, 2012
With Larry's loan due in ten days, news of an impending tropical storm throws the Tremont crew into a panic.

12. Go Down Towing

Dec 5, 2012
Robbie gets shot with a tranquilizer by a delinquent reptile wrangler.

13. Snakes in the Yard

Dec 12, 2012
It's judgment day for Tremont, Robert Sr. is still missing, and Robbie doesn't have the money to pay back Larry's loan.


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