The Returned

ኦዲዮም ሆነ የግርጌ ጽሑፍ በቋንቋዎ አይገኙም። የግርጌ ጽሑፍ በእንግሊዝኛ ይገኛል።

The Returned is a haunting, genre-bending story of a remote mountain community that is turned upside down when the presumed dead suddenly begin to return. Some rejoin their families without skipping a beat, while others face major obstacles on their return. But no matter how long they've been gone, all of them seem no different from the day they died... for now.
ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ
11 ሜይ 2015

የትዕይንት ምዕራፍ 1
ክፍል 10

Rowan and Tommy's celebration is overshadowed by a mysterious premonition. Julie makes Victor face his tragic past. Camille realizes she will never be normal and Helen's plan meets a mysterious end.
9 ማርች 2015
16 ማርች 2015
23 ማርች 2015
30 ማርች 2015
6 ኤፕሪ 2015
13 ኤፕሪ 2015
20 ኤፕሪ 2015
27 ኤፕሪ 2015
4 ሜይ 2015
11 ሜይ 2015
22 ፌብሩ 2015
1 ማርች 2015
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