Vegas Strip
Season 3

Season 3

1. Episode 301

Oct 22, 2012
T.J. busts an underage gambler with the worst fake ID ever!

2. Episode 302

Oct 22, 2012
T.J. and his partner encounter a drunk tourist trapped in a time warp.

3. Episode 303

Oct 29, 2012
Two working girls get busted - and they have to decide which one of them will head to the clink.

4. Episode 304

Nov 5, 2012
Spiderman picks a fight with a prostitute.

5. Episode 305

Nov 12, 2012
TJ offers up relationship advice to a lovesick man.

6. Episode 306

Nov 19, 2012
A melee breaks out on the Strip, Officer Wandick busts a streetwalker with a 98-year-old sugar daddy, and a drunken Usher impersonator tries to dance his way out of an arrest.

7. Episode 307

Nov 26, 2012
Scantily-clad showgirls engage in a turf war, an Australian tourist gets busted grabbing bikini bottoms, and officers teach an irate cab driver a lesson in anger management.

8. Episode 308

Dec 3, 2012
Officers bust a dope-dealing diva with no shortage of bizarre excuses.

9. Episode 309

Dec 10, 2012
A handcuffed partier tries his best to woo his captor, a go-go dancer puts up the stop sign, and a tripped-out tourist causes trouble.

10. Episode 310

Dec 17, 2012
TJ sends a boozed-up and confrontational hockey player to the penalty box.


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