Years of Living Dangerously

2016 • National Geographic Channel
18 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (9)

1 A Race Against Time
In the season opener, David Letterman travels to India, one of the most populous nations on earth, whose government has committed to one of the most ambitious renewable energy plans on the planet. Back in the U.S., Cecily Strong travels to Florida and Nevada, two sunny states where the future of solar energy is being decided by obscure public utilities commissions.
2 Gathering Storm
Miami could be underwater by the end of the century if nothing is done to curb emissions. Jack Black investigates whether the city can survive the rising seas, while Ian Somerhalder takes an ocean voyage in search of clues from the past to understand hurricanes of the future. Diving into “blue holes,” he shows how we’re heating the oceans up. And this could mean giant storms for places like Miami.
3 The Uprooted
New York Times columnist Tom Friedman investigates the increasing population of climate refugees and actor Don Cheadle is on the ground in California, where the worst drought in 1,200 years is having devastating effects.
4 Fueling the Fire
Executive producer Arnold Schwarzenegger sets out to explore the military’s relationship with a changing climate and supermodel and activist Gisele Bündchen travels to her home country of Brazil to explore the devastating decline of the country’s forests, much of which is caused by cattle ranching.
5 Collapse of the Oceans
Joshua Jackson travels to the Philippines and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to investigate the impacts of climate change on our world’s oceans and the millions of people who rely on their ecosystems for their livelihood.
6 Priceless
Actress and activist Nikki Reed explores what some believe to be the ultimate solution for climate change: putting a price on carbon. Former “Daily Show” correspondent Aasif Mandvi sets off on a quest to understand just how much of a threat climate change poses to endangered species. He travels to Kenya’s wildlife preserves to meet the people on the front lines of conservation efforts.
7 Safe Passage
Actor Ty Burrell takes to the road to see the environmental revolutions being made in electric and automated vehicles. Bradley Whitford travels to Capitol Hill to explore the growing movement to get Republicans to admit that climate change is real and commit to doing something about it.
8 Uprising
America Ferrera journeys to Illinois to shed light on the U.S.’ controversial dependence on coal plants that emit climate-altering carbon dioxide but still remain a major source of energy. Sigourney Weaver explores China’s explosive economic growth and the impact it is having on the environment, not just locally but on a massive global scale.
101 Sneak Peak
Celebrity correspondents cover stories of climate change, in a gritty look at how we have impacted our planet and how we can save it for future generations.

About this show

Celebrity correspondents cover stories of climate change, in a gritty look at how we have impacted our planet and how we can save it for future generations.
18 reviews
Aaron Estevez
December 14, 2016
As a CCL volunteer myself, it was exciting to see our work portrayed by Years of Living Dangerously. The episode does a great job of capturing the culture and approach of CCL, which have kept me coming back for over a year now. I hope that others will find the message motivating and inspiring. We're all in this together.
Mike Waldon
October 14, 2017
This series presents information on climate change, and especially in Season 2, it presents available solutions that we can adopt now.
November 4, 2016
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