DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Season 5 episodes (15)

1 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five
“Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.” The earth-shattering “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Crossover concludes in this special episode.
2 Meet The Legends
In the season five premiere, Captain Sara Lance (series star CAITY LOTZ), compassionate inventor Ray Palmer (series star BRANDON ROUTH) and hotheaded ex-con Mick Rory (series star DOMINIC PURCELL) are shocked to discover that the Legends have become famous. It seems that everyone – except Sara – is enjoying the spotlight as celebrities, so much that they invite a documentary crew on board the Waverider to film them as they investigate a strange new blip on the Timeline. They soon discover that their new problem is none other than Rasputin (guest star MICHAEL EKLUND), who’s come straight out of hell and might be tougher to contain than they thought. Meanwhile, John Constantine (series regular MATT RYAN) investigates the reason behind these new blips and informs the team that they’re in for a fight.
3 Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me
When a new blip lands the Legends in 1947 Los Angeles, it puts them on the trail of Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel (guest star JONATHAN SADOWSKI) who seems to take pleasure in fraternizing with Hollywood Elite. Sara, Ray and Constantine devise a plan to capture him while Ava Sharpe (series star JES MACALLAN) and Mick Rory (series star DOMINIC PURCELL) struggle to sit on the sidelines for the time being. They soon realize that they need to worry less about Bugsy and more about his girlfriend. Meanwhile, heartbroken historian-turned-superhero Nate Heywood (series star NICK ZANO) accompanies Behrad (recurring guest star SHAYAN SOBHIAN) to his dad’s birthday, where Nate meets Behrad’s rebellious sister, Zari (series star TALA ASHE), who seems familiar to him.
4 Slay Anything
When the Legends discover a new Encore, Sara, Mick and Ava end up crashing a high school reunion to attempt to stop a serial killer from finishing unfinished business. The Legends devise a plan to send Nate, Ray, Nora Darhk (series star COURTNEY FORD), Behrad and their hostage Zari, back in time to try and intervene in order to try to save everyone including them. Meanwhile, Constantine is annoyed that Charlie (series star MAISIE RICHARDSON-SELLERS) has been squatting in his old home, but it might be the blessing in disguise they were not looking for.
5 A Head of Her Time
When Sara is called away on business, she leaves Ava in charge and Ava tries to impress the team as they try to take on their latest Encore, Marie Antionette. With Zari still on the ship, Behrad convinces the team to bring her along on the mission which they all hope isn’t a mistake. Meanwhile, Constantine finally confronts someone from his past with the help of Charlie, which leads him on a journey through his past.
6 Mortal Khanbat
With Sara still away from the Waverider, the Legends find a new Encore with Ava’s new invention, the Prognosticator, and must now try to defeat Genghis Khan (guest star TERRY CHEN) in 1990s Hong Kong. Constantine’s life is hanging in the balance, and Ray, Nora and Gary (guest star ADAM TSEKHMAN) all try to help him, but Constantine tries to make a deal with Astra instead. Meanwhile, Behrad has been confused about Charlie’s recent behavior, but they all learn why Charlie is trying to outrun her past and from what.
7 Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac
Ray plans a date night for him and Nora, but all goes awry when an Encore shows up making the team think on their feet and create a lie to keep the Encore at bay. While trying to fool the Encore, Ava learns what Sara was really doing while she was away and confronts her. Charlie and Constantine make a deal to work together, which will benefit both of them. Meanwhile, Rory is upset when he gets negative comments about his book, so Zari helps track down who the critic is, and Rory gets more than he bargained for.
8 Romeo V Juliet: Dawn of Justness
The Legends continue their hunt for pieces of the Loom of Fate and find themselves face to face with William Shakespeare. Ray, Nate, Mick, Constantine, Charlie and Behrad stay a little longer on the mission making things worse after lying to Sara. Meanwhile, Ray and Nora make another big life decision that leaves the team surprised – and best buds Nate and Ray on the outs.
9 Zari, Not Zari
Sara, Constantine and Charlie find themselves in British Columbia searching for another piece of the Loom, but they run into a problem they couldn’t have foreseen. Having trouble feeling like herself, Zari she goes on meditative journey at the suggestion of Behrad. Meanwhile, Ava volunteers to try and help Mick with a personal problem.
10 The Great British Fake Off
With Sara recuperating from her latest battle, Charlie starts to notice something might not be right with her. Still searching for the Loom, Constantine and Zari find themselves trapped in a 1910 boarding house with a slew of out-of-time Encores. Meanwhile, Ava, Gary and Mick take a trip while Nate and Charlie hold down the Waverider.
11 Ship Broken
Everyone is eager to use the Loom of Fate, but the team must decide who they want to bring back first, leaving Charlie to make a tough choice. Struggling to understand what has happened to her, Sara, with the help of Constantine and Ava, tries to figure out how to help. Meanwhile, Rory brings a guest on the ship that he’s trying to impress.
12 Freaks & Greeks
The Legends find themselves going back to college and forming a sorority in order to try to retrieve an ancient artifact called the Chalice of Dionyus that will help Charlie operate the Loom of Fate. Proud to be back at his college, Nate falls under Dion’s spell, letting him know of Sara, Astra, Ava and Charlie’s plan to get the cup. Meanwhile, on a father-daughter weekend, Rory takes Lita (guest star MINA SUNDWALL) on a college tour, but the bails on her for an unexpected reason.
13 I Am Legends
After drinking from Chalice, the Legends have immortality for 24 hours, which gives them time get to the Waverider and use the Loom of Fate. However, they quickly discover that the sisters have stolen the Waverider, while they are stuck at Constantine’s house in the middle of nowhere in London during a Zombie Apocalypse. Meanwhile, Gary is left on the ship and once he discovers what is going on, he takes something important to the sisters.
14 The One Where We're Trapped on TV
After Charlie does the one thing that goes against her nature when it comes to her sisters, she tries to protect the Legends by scattering them in different television shows. Of course, in true Legends style, some can’t just be blissfully ignorant and happy but figure out a way to end up messing with the system.
15 Swan Thong
Still controlled by the Fates, the Legends find themselves in a 1984-esque world, where they soon discover that things aren’t as they thought they would be. The Legends must convince the civilians to trust them and stand up for their right to choose, but the Fates don’t make it easy by resurrecting the Encores once again in the season five finale.

About this show

Having spent last season trying to track down the Loom of Fate, the Legends must now save history from a foe like none they’ve encountered in the past or future. Waverider co-captains Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe have dealt with monsters, time anomalies, and most recently, villains from Hell, but this season they will face something even more challenging and bizarre ... space aliens! After one of their own is abducted by a ruthless alien, this new mission becomes personal. It will take more than the combined powers of John Constantine, Mick Rory, Nate Heywood, and brother-sister duo, Zari and Behrad Tarazi, to save the world for a sixth time. They must recruit a new Legend, a woman who was abducted by aliens when she was a child and supposedly imbued with powers that will help the team defeat their intergalactic foes. Either that or she’s just crazy...

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3.49K reviews
Aura Honeydew
February 6, 2018
Definitely should have stopped after season one, season one is focused and entertaining solid as show can be! Season two is A CHEAP KNOCKOFF OF INFINITY GAUNTLET, the Spear of Destiny arc is bland and unimpressive even makes the Legion of Doom lame using characters that have already been overused in the CW shows and frankly feeling way underpowered as a legitimate threat that needs to be stopped with a team of superheroes and time travel consisting of a Malcolm, a ninja, Damien, a ninja with telekinesis that makes Malcolm seem inessential, Reverse Flash, and CPT cold. The ending also is anticlimactic as it's too self contained and ends with one of those obnoxious cliffhanger which makes the characters seem incompetent. Season Three is just episodic time travel stories basically [historical figure] is out of their time... [forced reason while that results with the world dying] not even exaggerating. There's an episode where a beautiful woman from Rome is in the 1920s WB movie lot and everyone immediately goes into "The Purge" mode because she started starring in movies and the studios employees fought to the death to have her.
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Court Z (taterCourt)
May 15, 2019
The first season was great, though I can see how the plot for season 2 was nothing new. But I LOVE THIS SHOW for the campy jokes and snazzy one-liners. I love the blend of characters and how they actually have story lines that force the characters out of the norm. There is actual growth to many of the characters. I love Ray's hopeful heart and kindness; I adore Sara's strength and her development to reveal that she is vulnerable. I always have hope that Nyssara will be endgame, but AvaLance has capture my heart in so many ways. Like all the Arrowverse shows and their extreme drama moments, Legends has those too but always keeps a lightheartedness to it that makes it fun to watch.
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Michael Van Houten
June 7, 2020
This show is dope af. Its got an absolutely adorable and whacky cast that are hilarious to watch and truly feel like legends and not some cut and paste superhero personalities. Personally i think it hits it stride around season 3 where the show seems to truly embrace its whackier side more than the serious, but i would be lying if i said i didn't cry multiple times anyway. I've seen this show get a bit of a bad rep and people think more highly of shows like arrow and the flash but i think this show truly encapsulates what DC is, not just darker comics than Marvel but a brand that is willing to take risks and delve deep into the dark and light-hearted alike. Watching this show made me giddy with excitement and amusement, if you like rag tag groups of losers just absolutely bumbling through plans then you gotta check this show out.
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