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Season 3 episodes (22)

1 My Own American Girl
J.D. gets stuck with a patient whose diagnosis he can't quite pin down.
2 My Journey
J.D.'s feeling left out on his friendship with Turk.
3 My White Whale
Finding difficulties on training his interns, J.D. calls out to Elliot for some help. She indicates Sean, who gave Elliot great tips based on his dolphin training that fit perfectly for her interns. This only makes J.D. even more jealous of Elliot, but Sean is OK with it since he doesn't consider J.D. a threat. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox finds the ideal pediatrician for his son: Dr. Norris, who acts and looks just like him (besides the hand puppet thing). And Cox is quick to find a conflict with him once Jack develops a cough that freaks out both him and Jordan.
4 My Lucky Night
Sean is a bit surprised to learn about Elliot and JD's history together.
5 My Brother, Where Art Thou?
Elliot tries to deal with her own problems of a long-distance relationship.
6 My Advice to You
Carla's brother Mark comes to visit, but he still hasn't forgiven Turk.
7 My Fifteen Seconds
Dr. Kelso accidentally punctures his eardrums.
8 My Friend the Doctor
Turk is happy that he finally makes it through a solo surgery.
9 My Dirty Little Secret
Elliot's feeling uncomfortable using clinical terms for her patient's private parts – a result of a repressed childhood and an accidental orgasm she inflicted on a patient during a pelvic exam - so Carla tries to teach her how to say "vagina" and "penis" without blushing. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox crashes at J.D. and Turk's after taking bad advice from J.D. Carla suggests no more sex until the wedding and Turk only comes to terms with it after learning the real meaning of romance from a patient with prostate cancer. Ultimately Carla backs down on her own idea when she has a stressful day at work finally letting people make fun of her.
10 My Rule of Thumb
Carla and Elliot try to help a dying patient lose her virginity.
11 My Clean Break
J.D. tries to break-up with Danni, but she beats him to it.
12 My Catalyst
J.D. believes he may have finally found a mentor in Dr. Kevin Casey.
13 My Porcelain God
Elliot finds herself perplexed over a simple procedure.
14 My Screw Up
Dr. Cox learns Ben hasn't visited a doctor about his cancer.
15 My Tormented Mentor
Turk tries to impress the new female surgeon, Dr. Miller.
16 My Butterfly
A butterfly prompts the question on what could have happened different.
17 My Moment of Un-Truth
J.D. must keep a secret when Carla's "what-if" guy asks her out on a date.
18 His Story II
One of Elliot's patients unintentionally teaches her a lesson.
19 My Choosiest Choice of All
J.D. hooks up with Danni again.
20 My Fault
Elliot asks Sean to move in with her.
21 My Self-Examination
J.D. realizes he made a mistake telling Elliot he loved her.
22 My Best Friend's Wedding
The big day for Turk and Carla has finally arrived.

About this show

Check into the surreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, where the staff is bizarre and the laughter is contagious. Fresh-faced J.D. (Zach Braff) and his fellow new medical residents weave their way through each unpredictable day with hilarious results.
1.54K reviews
Jon E.
October 20, 2014
Scrubs is full of humor, heart, and life lessons. The writers and Bill Lawrence worked tirelessly on character development, which I always favor. JD changes throughout the seasons, as does Turk, Cox, and all of the ladies. If you want to laugh, fall in love with characters, and really think about life, death, how it affects people, and the what-ifs, then Scrubs is your show. Absolutely amazing. However, it is known that NBC (which has done evils to other greats, like Seinfeld and even Conan O'Brien), attempted to alter the show towards the final two seasons. Bill was not happy about it, nor was Zach, or any other writer. If I recall correctly, season 7 was supposed to end the show, and then they had to change everything at the last minute and include another season, messing with the plot entirely. I sometimes wonder how amazing art would be if left alone to its vices, its creators working tirelessly on it until THEY say it is completed. Needless to say, the overall opinion by the public on the final season of Scrubs is pretty dismal. But don't let that stop you from an incredible show!
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A Google user
February 17, 2020
The one show I keep coming back to. Seriously watched every episode at least a dozen times over the years. Has it all. Funny. Sad. Stupid. Smart. Ridiculous. Bottom line: enjoyable over and over. And over. Yeah I probably have a problem. Eeeaagggllleeeee!!!!!! PS You most certainly can avoid the last season and pretend it doesn't exist. It was supposed to be a new series but failed unfortunately, so now they call it season nine.
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A Google user
February 11, 2019
Wonderful show with great characters that are easy (and hard) to love. Please note this comment and rating only apply through the second to last season. I have no idea why the network tried to keep it going with new cast after so many originals had moved on. They know where it should have ended, and I hope they regret the last season.
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