The Waltons

1972 • CBS
494 reviews
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Season 5 episodes (24)

1 The First Edition
John-Boy launches his first major newspaper venture as editor and publisher of the Blue Ridge Chronicle, but in his search for the truth he may disgrace and divide his family.
2 The Vigil
Nursing student Mary Ellen makes a nearly fatal blunder when she misdiagnoses Grandma's illness.
3 The Comeback
Jason loses his musical scholarship because of the school's lack of money and takes a job playing music at a local roadhouse to pay his tuition. At the same time he helps a famous musician (MERLE HAGGARD) overcome the loss of his son.
4 The Baptism
John Walton's peace of mind is threatened when an internationally known evangelist comes to Walton Mountain to preach and lead a baptismal service.
5 The Firestorm
John-Boy becomes the object of public indignation when he insists on printing excerpts from Hitler's Mein Kampf.
6 The Night Walker
A mysterious presence moving through the night strikes fear in the hearts of the Walton's Mountain residents.
7 The Wedding : Part I / Part II
Mary Ellen announces her engagement to young David Spencer, and after the initial shock, the Waltons join with the entire community to make plans for the big event.

A new doctor comes to Walton's Mountain.
8 The Cloudburst
In a desperate attempt to save his newspaper from bankruptcy, John-Boy sells his meadow to a mining company--not realizing the company's plans will devastate the local area.

Mary Ellen proves her worth as a nurse.
9 The Great Motorcycle Race
The youngest Walton boy, Jim-Bob, takes his first step into the world when he enters a race, riding Ike's motorcycle.

Ike and Corabeth adopt a little girl.
10 The Pony Cart
The oldest living Walton, Aunt Martha Corrine, disrupts the family member's lives when she comes for an extended visit--until they realize that she is dying, and then they make her last days special.
11 The Best Christmas
With the Walton children growing up, this may be the last Christmas that the entire family can spend together. The family plans a special celebration for Olivia, but a series of disasters keeps everyone away from home. Instead of becoming upset, Olivia feels proud of how her children respond to help her community when they are needed.
12 The Last Mustang
The Waltons struggle to maintain the integrity of a local public office and to safeguard the freedom of the last local mustang.
13 The Rebellion
Feeling frustrated with her life, Olivia desires a change. When John orders her not to change her hairstyle, she goes to Corabeth for a permanent. But the results are so bad that she is embarrassed to show herself. Grandma becomes upset when she is asked to share her duty as church organist.
14 The Ferris Wheel
The specter of a frightening but unremembered childhood experience haunts young Elizabeth's nights and troubles the entire household.

Ben worries that he is tood short.
15 The Elopement
Both Erin and Jason learn lessons about growing up, as Erin tries to elope with Chad Marshall and Jason takes over the store while Ike is away.
16 John's Crossroad
Due to the breakdown of the mill and mounting bills, John takes an office job in Charlottesville.
17 The Career Girl
For Erin Walton, graduation day from high school, which is an event that most people regard with great pleasure, seems to be the most painful day of her life.
18 The Hero
Before she fell ill, Grandma Walton had suggested that John-Boy publish the first commemorative Blue Ridge Chronicle to mark the day that the Jefferson County Doughboys returned from the war. Now he has decided to create a memorial of which she would be honored, but the town's decorated hero, Sheriff Bridges, shows little interest.
19 The Inferno
John-Boy is deeply affected when he witnesses the crash of the Hindenburg. Curt tries to find a way to be alone with Mary Ellen.
20 The Heartbreaker
Jason Walton learns that love can be one of life's most painful experiences.
21 The Long Night
With Grandma in the hospital, Grandpa feels alone and unneeded -- a feeling he shares with Aimee Goodsey -- and the two become close as their friendship helps ease their loneliness.
22 The Hiding Place
The Baldwins' niece Hilary arrives, seeking a hiding place from the horrors of the war breaking out in her native Austria.

Jason joins the National Guard.
23 The Go-Getter
Ben's tactics for selling used cars alienate both family and friends.
24 The Achievement
When six weeks pass with no word from the publisher about his novel, John-Boy travels to New York and to a turning point in his personal and professional life.

About this show

Winner of 13 Emmys®, including Outstanding Drama Series, this beloved, heartwarming and long-running family drama is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where young John-Boy (Golden Globe nominee Richard Thomas) and his close-knit family struggle together from the Depression to World War II. Money is scarce, but love and pride is plentiful.
494 reviews
Gwyn Huff
September 23, 2015
The Waltons is a 1970's TV series that is still relevant today. It's relevance is that it depicts the moral and social expectations of rural USA in the 1930's-family roles and economic priorities and childrens' roles. Whether the 1970's changes in family structure and the social events were played out by the television writers is beyond my scope to comment, The Waltons TV show is a door for discussion and thought with current generations.
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Anthony Marella
May 2, 2017
Much of the shows of the 70's focused on large families, Post WW or current they covered various struggles and some humor, void of profanity or sexual scenes. It is a classic show that is loved The Homecoming is still my favorite growing up watching the Walton's on Sunday evenings Maybe big networks would revive big family theme shows . Nice change from the current
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Eileen Tsiapanos
January 28, 2016
family show set in the mountains of Virginia in pre and post WW2. A show I grew up on and have watched with my own children. It may well be 'out of date', 'out of style', etc., but still a great watch.
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