The Comedians

2015 • FX
26 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (14)

1 Pilot
Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are reluctantly paired together for a sketch show on FX.
2 Come to the House
In an attempt to bond outside of work, Billy begrudgingly invites Josh over to watch a ballgame at his house.
3 The Red Carpet
When Billy and Josh are both nominated for the same award, they decide to walk the red carpet together and end up making a bit of a detour.
4 Celebrity Guest
When FX pushes the premiere date of The Billy & Josh Show, the guys try to "fix" the show... by pulling in opposite directions.
5 Go for Gad
When Josh is rumored to be up for a movie role, it goes to his head... and Billy isn’t happy.
6 Orange You the New Black Guy
After they notice the lack of diversity in their cast and crew, Billy and Josh insist on hiring a black writer.
7 Billy's Birthday
Josh takes Billy out for his birthday.
8 Charity
Billy has an awkward interaction with a homeless man, while Josh goes to his crush's "charity" event.
9 Damage Control
An embarrassing viral video of Billy and Josh leaks on the internet and the guys deal with the fallout.
10 Misdirection
Billy agrees to hire a douchey director friend of Josh's, who suggests they shoot an "unscripted" sketch in the woods at night.
11 Red, White & Working Blue
When a sketch gets thrown out at the last minute, the crew has to work over the 4th of July.
12 Overhear
Things get tense when Billy overhears Josh and his young comic friends making fun of him.
13 Partners
On the last day of shooting "The Billy & Josh Show," Billy and Josh look to the future.
101 The Evolution of an Episode
The Evolution of an Episode features Ben Wexler, Larry Charles, Billy Crystal, and Josh Gad as they reveal the wildly collaborative creative process for creating the show each week.

About this show

In The Comedians, Billy Crystal plays a comedy legend reluctantly paired with Josh Gad, an up-and-coming star, in a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional comedy show.
26 reviews
mary diebels
April 15, 2015
Smart,wrye humor. Sharp and full of little tidbits that make you feel you're in on a private joke. It's a hit.
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Robert Rodriguez
May 19, 2016
The funniest show ever! The interaction was fantastic! Thank you all, for a show i was able to enjoy.
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