Band of Brothers

2001 • HBO
2.05K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Currahee
On June 4, 1944--just two days before the Allied invasion of Normandy--Lts. Richard Winters and Lewis Nixon reflect back on the events and training that led them to D-Day with the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment E (a.k.a. Easy Company).
2 Day of Days
D-Day. Due to German flak, the tense men of Easy Company are dropped indiscriminately throughout the Normandy countryside, forcing Lt. Winters (Damian Lewis) to team up with a private from another company until he can find his mates.
3 Carentan
On D-Day plus two, the scattered men of Easy Company regroup with the help of Pvt. Albert Blithe (Marc Warren). Lt. Welsh (Rick Warden) then delivers their orders: they must take the town of Carentan.
4 Replacements
Back in England, Easy Company's D-Day veterans heal their bodies and minds while getting acquainted with green replacement members. However, their respite ends quickly when they are sent into Holland as part of Operation Market-Garden.
5 Crossroads
In this episode directed by Tom Hanks, Lt. Winters (Damian Lewis) leads a contingent on a risky mission over a Dutch dike. Meanwhile, Easy is left in the hands of Lt. 'Moose' Heyliger, who undertakes a rescue mission in the besieged town of Arnhem.
6 Bastogne
In the dead of winter, the men of Easy Company fend off frostbite and hunger--in addition to the enemy--while holding the line in a forest outside of Bastogne. Meanwhile, exhausted medic Eugene Roe finds friendship with a Belgian nurse.
7 The Breaking Point
After the draining winter at Bastogne, Easy Company faces an enormous challenge: they must take the town of Foy from the enemy despite the incompetence of their new commander, Lt. Dike.
8 The Patrol
Easy Company is ordered to send a patrol to take enemy prisoners in the Alsatian town of Haguenau. Lt. Hank Jones (Colin Hanks), fresh from West Point and eager for combat experience, volunteers to lead them.
9 Why We Fight
Arriving in Germany to very little resistance, the men discover an abandoned Nazi concentration camp still filled with emaciated prisoners.
10 Points
In the conclusion of this HBO miniseries, Major Winters leads Easy Company into the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden--once the home of the Third Reich's officers--and receives orders to take the abandoned 'Eagle's Nest,' Hitler's mountaintop fortress.

About this show

This landmark ten-part HBO miniseries recounts the remarkable achievements of an elite team of U.S. paratroopers in World War II.
2.05K reviews
Darth Nihilus
March 29, 2019
Overall, I don't just give this 5 stars but also A+. I love Normandy just as much as I love Dunkirk and Band Of Brothers does an awsome job at illustrating what those sons had to do. This series gives my deepest respects to lieutenant Winters and the 506th parachute infantry regiment. All of these men both pilots and infantry who lived and died that night, I salute them. Both American and German who have lived and died serving their homes, their families and their country. They're all brothers.
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Saunders .FTW
August 6, 2014
This show has amaizing historical accuracy this dumb person that commented about tigers that is the main tank in the show every time they have said Tiger notice how i said tiger not tigers they only say tigers on the episode after bastogne other tanks in this series are Cromwell sherman PZIV jagdpz and stug he said u cant learn anything kill yourself plz before you comment know what your talking about it is one of the best historcal shows around highly recommend you watch it... :)
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December 2, 2013
I love band of brothers dont get me wrong. I have watched the series so many times I have found A LOT of historical inaccuracies. First and most noticable is that they call german tanks tigers even though german tanks are called panzers. There is a german tank called a tiger but is much different. It has no turret just a cannon that goes up and down. There are several more. Lots more actually. Its a great series just dont expect to learn anything cus it is all pretty much incorrect.
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