The Transporter

2014 • TNT
840 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (12)

1 2B or Not 2B
Rome: the 12-year-old son of an Italian judge witnesses his father’s murder at the hands of a contract killer. As the sole witness, the boy must now give evidence against his father’s killer. But there are threats against his life and he is in hiding at a safe house in Germany. The trial is due to take place in Rome, so the boy needs Frank to protect his life and deliver him safely to the court house to testify. Caterina Boldieu, who has started working for Frank to assess risk, warns that the job is too dangerous. Despite this, Frank accepts the job, and the killer’s brother is soon hot on their trail. Someone is compromising their position, and neither Frank nor Caterina can determine who. Frank vows to get the boy to the courthouse, regardless of the increasing danger.
2 Sex, Lies and Videotape
Prague: FRANK MARTIN has been hired to collect a package from an Albanian pimp who is blackmailing his client, JEREMY DONNE. The package is a red dress worn by a prostitute he slept with at a party hosted by a movie producer, GARY LANDSMAN and contains incriminating DNA evidence. But when the exchange goes wrong, Frank is forced to escape with the dress. However he discovers KLARA, a girl from the brothel hiding in the boot of his car. Klara explains that she is searching for her sister, MARIANA, who has been sex-trafficked. To find her, Klara took a job in the brothel. She asks Frank to help but he can’t abandon his current job and instructs CATERINA to take her to a local shelter. However Frank discovers that the dress is missing, realising that Klara has stolen it. Against his will, he agrees to help her in exchange for the dress. While Frank gives the dress to Donne, who burns it, Caterina takes Klara to Mariana’s last known location. But there she discovers that Donne’s prostitute was murdered. Have they just helped a killer destroy evidence? When confronted, Donne protests his innocence, showing Frank a video from the party that he has just received from the pimp with a demand for more money. Watching the video, Klara spots her sister in the background.
3 We Go Back
Frank is asked to travel to Libya by his old army buddy, Tommy to rescue their friend and a fellow officer, Rob. Frank’s two former colleagues are now working for MI6. However Rob has gone missing and with the political situation too unstable and dangerous for MI6 to mount a rescue operation, Frank is the only one who can help. In Tripoli, Frank and Tommy begin to investigate Rob’s life. Having searched Rob’s ransacked flat, Frank encounters several military factions, both vying for power in Libya and both looking for Rob. Putting together the pieces of the mystery, Frank not only manages to finally track down Rob but also uncovers the shocking truth behind his disappearance. However Rob is not all what he seems, testing Frank’s loyalty and friendship to the limit.
4 Diva
FRANK MARTIN has been hired to transport a famous singer, FERRARA MCINTYRE to and from her concert venues. However when a MOTORCYCLIST opens fire on the Audi, Frank realises something more sinister is going on. The following day, Ferrara receives another ominous threat but undeterred, she travels with Frank to her next venue. However a group of protesters are brandishing placards outside the venue. CATERINA BOLDIEU explains that Ferrara sang at the birthday party of an African dictator’s son, BENOIT NSHOMBO. Unbeknown to Frank, the motorcyclist has managed to enter the backstage area and mid-concert poisons Ferrara. Frank rushes her to hospital. As Ferrara recovers, Caterina has discovered that themotorcyclist named JEAN-MARC VINCENT works for Nshombo. Ferrara is forced to reveal that she got pregnant with Nshombo’s baby but when she miscarried, Nshombo believed she’d had an abortion. Now he is trying to punish her. But as they talk, Vincent manages to cause a distraction, kidnapping Ferrara. With Caterina’s help, Frank tracks Ferrara down toa disused warehouse. Nshombo tries to kill Ferrara but after an intense and dangerous battle with Vincent, Frank arrives just in time to save her life.
5 T2
Frank is asked to retrieve a vital document from a villa in Crimea. The villa is heavily guarded and just getting across the border will be a challenge. The client, conscious of the risks, wants to hire two transporters; Frank and the second best transporter in the world, BERNARD DASSIN. But Frank refuses the job – it’s too dangerous and he doesn’t share. Frank changes his mind after the client reveals a connection to the disappearance three years ago of one of Frank’s clients, a woman he fell in love with. Evidence suggests the government minister who now resides in the Crimean villa had something to do with it. When Frank informs Caterina that he is after all taking the job, she is deeply concerned. Frank is forced to team up with Dassin and his young mechanic and general computer whiz, JULES FAROUX. But can he trust Dassin on what is already an extremely dangerous job?
6 Chimera
The FBI hires Frank Martin to retrieve a chemical weapon, codenamed ‘Chimera’, from Louis Tien, a Chinese Triad crime lord who operates from a restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown.
7 Euphro
Inspector Tarconi arrives with a SWAT team at a villa in rural Belarus, looking to arrest Anatole Reichenberg, a counterfeiter whose fake medicines have killed many children. As the SWAT team searches the house, Tarconi finds himself locked in a room with leaking gas. The police are corrupt and have conspired with Reichenberg to kill him, making it look like an accident. With Tarconi struggling to escape, the house explodes. Frank arrives at a farmhouse where a local woman, Elena Romanchuk, has been hiding Tarconi. Now a wanted man, Tarconi needs Frank’s help to escape. He is disappointed to flee without having stopped another shipment of fake medicine, codenamed ‘Euphro,’ due to be dispatched tomorrow. When Elena’s neighbour spots them, Frank, Tarconi and Elena are forced to run from the police. Frank steals a 4x4 and the group travel off road to the border. But no sooner have they escaped than Caterina Boldieu reveals she’s learned the ‘Euphro’ shipment will be leaving from a disused monastery back in Belarus. Frank, Caterina and Tarconi must risk their lives to return to Belarus to stop Reichenberg.
8 Boom
Frank and Cat travel to a mine in the midst of the Saharan Desert to deliver a briefcase – the contents unknown to them. Their client has insisted the briefcase be handcuffed to Cat. Having made the delivery, they find themselves stranded by an encroaching sand storm, forcing them to stay the night. However just as they begin to question the contents of the case – seemingly cash to pay salaries, a massive explosion rips through the mine. Frank and Cat rush to help the injured miners but are unable to reach a group of miners trapped in the mine itself. Suspicious that whatever he really delivered in the case was the cause of the explosion, Frank volunteers to drive to an abandoned mine to collect a stash of old and dangerously unstable dynamite. He is joined by two other volunteers, both with their own reasons for helping.In a race against time and using three trucks, the group is forced to not only drive very slowly – to keep the dynamite from exploding – but also to face dangerous bandits who roam the desert. As the trapped miners begin to run out of air, Frank and Cat discover that this was no tragic accident and dangerous forces are at work here.
9 Trust
Rose Marquez hires Frank Martin to escape from her abusive boyfriend, Zachary Schramm, CEO of one of the biggest technology companies in Canada.
10 Sixteen Hands
Frank Martin has been hired to transport a thoroughbred racehorse, Daksha, worth ten million dollars, from her stables in Kentucky to the racetrack of the prestigious Belmont Stakes race in New York. Frank and Jules Faroux arrive at the stables just as an armed intruder has broken in and is attacking the stable’s security guard and Daksha’s jockey, Alice Budd. Frank and Jules intervene but the attacker escapes. Although there is little proof, both Alice and Daksha’s owner, Rae Henson, believe the attack is somehow linked to casino and fellow racehorse owner, Howard Woyczyk. Before beginning their 12 hour journey, Frank surreptitiously moves Daksha from one vehicle to another in order to maintain secrecy and goads the assailant-at-large into following them. After a car chase, the masked attacker is caught and revealed to be Tommy Sands, who worked as a horse trainer for Rae’s father before he began sabotaging horses for money. Frank is all too aware that anyone could be a suspect at the moment, particularly as Rae is in real financial difficulty herself. Rae fiercely denies this accusation and decides to call Woyczyk, angrily demanding they meet alone. Howard offers her a deal: he will have fake bets placed on his own racehorse through his internet betting sites, which he will then split in half with her if she agrees to let his horse, Snowclash win the Belmont. Rae cannot hide the temptation, but she refuses to comply.
11 Beacon of Hope
Frank and Caterina are asked to rescue a wounded aid worker, Zac Preston, from a warlord in Mauritania. Zac is in hiding and his location is unknown. Cat reveals to Frank that Zac is actually a former boyfriend of hers. She feels guilty that Frank has taken such a dangerous and complicated job on her behalf. When Frank and Caterina arrive at the town, they find an orphanage where Zac looked after 19 boys has been shot up and abandoned. They track down a driver who delivered food to the orphanage. He promises to bring Zac to them, but instead he delivers them to the warlord. Frank and Caterina manage to escape with Zac, who leads them to a Bedouin camp where he and the boys have been hiding. Zac insists he won’t leave unless Frank brings the boys, too. A seemingly impossible task is made worse as Zac’s wound becomes infected. He needs medicine before they attempt to find transportation for a large group of children and flee the country. As the warlord and his men tirelessly attempt to hunt the group down before they reach the safety of the Moroccan border, Frank must use all his skills and resourcefulness to save them.
12 End Game
Manhattan, New York. Frank Martin and Caterina Boldieu are posing as an extraordinarily wealthy couple, Brandon and Veronica Miller. With Jules Faroux’s help, the “couple” pass the security checks and are granted access to Mr and Mrs Miller’s bank vault at a high-end bank. They are there to retrieve a handful of diamonds which have been stolen from their current client, and replace them with infallible fakes. Just as the pair reaches the diamonds, Jules spots the real Mr and Mrs Miller arriving at the bank. The alarm is raised. Frank distracts the guards as Caterina makes for the fire escape. Frank becomes trapped on the roof of the sky scraper. In a hair-raising move, Frank parachutes off the roof, landing safely on the pavement below. The team celebrates their success in a bar, when Frank thinks he has spotted Zara Knight, the woman he was in love with who was supposedly murdered in 2011. The pair cannot deny their intense feelings and they sleep together. Afterwards, Zara receives a text message and suddenly decides to leave, clearly frightened. Frank, who spent three years searching for her after she disappeared, is desperate to find out why Zara is so afraid. Unseen, he follows her down and watches her get in a car – the driver of which is Olivier Dassin, the cold-blooded transporter who tried to kill Frank in Crimea. Frank follows Dassin’s BMW and watches the pair meet two men, whom Jules swiftly identifies as arms dealer, Armand Burton and crony, Calvin Pettit.

About this show

In Transporter: The Series, elite courier Frank Martin (Chris Vance) has three rules: Never change the deal. No names. Never open the package. After he accepts his most perilous assignments yet, Frank finds danger and betrayal at every twisting, high-speed turn. It’s the ride of your life when Season 1 of the action-packed series based on the hit films begins Saturday, October 18 at 9/10C on TNT.
840 reviews
Nikki Chenard
January 6, 2015
Then the second season came out and the writers got a hard on for politicians everywhere... or they think that by the grace of God they'll win some sort of "no, it's art! we created so much more than feel-good adrenaline boosting TV using a television series that followed Jason Statham ... saving orphans and holding hands with Mother Theresa while renouncing the wicked ways of speeding automobiles" hunk of metal alloy made with the tears and blood of enslaved virgins and the dying breaths of kittens.
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Daniel Coffman
November 8, 2014
I feel this show has potential. I like how they plan to turn the movies into a show. I liked how they kept the same detective, the same house, the same locations, and the same driving style. I don't however much care for Frank, or his motives, in this show. I feel Jason Statham was a better Frank for a couple of reasons: 1: Jason had rigid mannerisms, making his voice, his rules, his overall style, and his motivations geared more towards professionalism. When he broke his rules, you could see that it bothered him and that his rules were meant for a reason. I just don't buy this show's Frank; it feels like he is more relaxed which makes him appear cocy and less tied to his rules. 2: I liked the fighting style in the movie better. Frank was known to take his environment and his clothing and use it against a large number of enemies. In this show, there was some of that, but I never felt that Frank was overcoming the odds...muchless being impressed with his fighting style. The Frank's fighting style, in the movies, was half the reason I liked the movies. I will admit that Jason's shoes is a big role to fill, but I feel how the role of Frank is handled will determine the success
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David Wolfman
June 13, 2015
1st episode of Season 2 ruins the show. Absolutely loved Season 1, great action and good acting...some stories are over the top James Bond style but still very entertaining and I DO recommend watching. However, I am once again very upset with the decisions made for Season 2 Episode 1. I bought the entire Season 2 up-front because of how much I loved Season 1; and now Im almost wishing I just stopped watching after Season 1 ended... I do recommend watching this show nonetheless.
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