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Season 10 episodes (23)

1 Lard of the Dance
Lisa befriends a girl who tries to get the kids in Springfield Elementary to act older. Meanwhile, Homer attempts to start a business selling excess grease.
2 Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Homer is inspired to become an inventor by the example of Thomas Edison. Although he is not successful, a trip to the Edison Museum makes him feel that he is not a failure after all.
3 Bart, the Mother
When Bart accidentally kills amother bird, he feels so guilty that he raises her eggs as his own. But when the eggs hatch, a shock awaits him.
4 Treehouse of Horror IX
In "Hell Toupee," the hairpiece of a condemned man wreaks havoc on Springfield. Bart and Lisa enter an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon in "The Terror of Tiny Toon." And the Simpsons learn the surprising truth about who fathered Maggie in "Starship Poopers."
5 When You Dish Upon a Star
A parasailing mishap leads Homer to become the personal assistant for a celebrity couple. But when they don't live up to his dreams, he turns upon them.
6 D'oh
Homer learns his middle name, then befriends a pair of counter-culture entrepreneurs. Homer's interference in their juice business leads them to ruin.
7 Lisa Gets an 'a'
When she is unable to study properly for a test, Lisa buys an exam from Nelson Muntz. The tainted grade she gets qualifies Springfield Elementary for extra funding, so the school bands together to cover up her misdeed.
8 Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
After a long car trip to a recreated Western town, Grampa Simpson needs a new kidney. But before he will donate his kidney to his father, Homer flees and winds up on a ship of lost souls.
9 Mayored to the Mob
Springfield hosts a science fiction convention which ends in a riot. Homer becomes the bodyguardto the Mayor, earning the enmity of mobster Fat Tony.
10 Viva Ned Flanders
Homer and Ned enjoy a bender in Las Vegas. When they awake, they are shocked to find they have two extra wives.
11 Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
When Homer and his friends trash the town after the baseball team wins a championship, Springfield's children are blamed for the damage. The angry kids start a secret radio broadcast that reveals the adults' secrets to the world.
12 Sunday Cruddy Sunday
Homer and his friends travel to the Super Bowl, then discover their tickets are fakes. Meanwhile Marge and Lisa attempt to pass the time with an arts and crafts project endorsed by Vincent Price.
13 Homer to the Max
A popular TV character named Homer Simpson forces our Homer to change his name. He becomes popular with hip Springfielders, who lead him to run afoul of the law.
14 I'm with Cupid
The wives of Springfield are jealous of the attention Apu lavishes on his wife Manjula. To win Marge back, Homerattempts to enlist the help of askywriter, with painful consequences.
15 Marge Simpson In: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"
Marge gets a huge new SUV, the Canyonero. She discovers the meaning of road rage, then must sacrifice her car to save her family.
16 Make Room for Lisa
When Homer agrees to let a telephone company put a transmitter in Lisa's room, she becomes Bart's unwanted roommate. The stress leads Lisa to a sensory deprivation tank, where she learns to appreciate her father more.
17 Maximum Homerdrive
After entering an eating contest, Homer becomes a truck driver and discovers the other truckers'shocking secret. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa's attempts to buy a doorbell introduce them to the heroic Señor Ding-Dong.
18 Simpsons Bible Stories
In the first of the Simpsons' non-Halloween-themed trilogies, Homer and Marge are Adam and Eve, the Springfield Elementary students must slave away for Pharaoh Skinner, and Bart and Nelson are David and Goliath.
19 Mom and Pop Art
Homer becomes a found artist, turning a failed barbecue pit into a pricey objet d'art. When his public turns on him, he floods the town to make a statement.
20 The Old Man and the 'c' Student
As punishment for losing the Olympics for Springfield, Bart must help the city's senior citizens. Meanwhile, Homer attempts to sell springs, one of which winds up embedded in Lenny's eye.
21 Monty Can't Buy Me Love
Mr. Burns realizes that he is not as beloved as a Richard Branson-type billionaire. To get the public back on his side, Burns, with Homer's help, finds and captures the Loch Ness Monster.
22 They Saved Lisa's Brain
Lisa bands together with Springfield's other Mensa members to try to turn the town into a utopia. But they discover that genius doesn't always know what it's doing.
23 30 Minutes Over Tokyo
The Simpsons learn to cut corners, enabling them to afford a trip to Japan. In Japan, they lose their savings and must become contestants on a humiliating game show to earn their way back home.

About this show

Homer and Marge Simpson raise Bart, Lisa and baby Maggie in Springfield.

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11.3K reviews
Ariel Arenas
July 29, 2014
The Simpsons is my favorite television series ever and I'm glad it still going strong after 25 long years. The stories are not as heartwarming and hilarious as seasons 1-10, but I still tune in every week to see my favorite yellow family and laugh myself silly. Hopefully the simpsons will go on until one of the main characters' voice actor dies, because it'd be disrespectful to continue the show without, let's say Dan Castallaneta.
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Mike Bravo (DarkRaven)
October 10, 2019
I watched alot of the simpsons growing up. It seems to have gotten stale. And their show has indeed become manipulative in its values and seems to sway away from core comedic roots. Now like many others like south park, the simpsons has become too involved in territory I dont believe any comedy should get involved in. Just because theres so much ill water.
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A Google user
August 29, 2014
Show never disappoints. Movie was golden and the 2 week marathon on FXX is legendary. The new seasons keep the show good. I'll admit the Simpsons hasn't been as good recently last couple seasons as I stopped watching cuz of school but I got back to watching season 25 and I'm enjoying it immensely. Glad they cancelled American Dad. The Family Guy crossover looks absolutely hilarious and I don't even say that about Family Guy anymore haha
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