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Season 1 episodes (21)

1 Pilot
In the series premiere, 100 young exiles from a dying space station are sent to the planet Earth 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse to see if it's habitable.
2 Earth Skills
Having discovered that Jasper may still be alive, Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Finn and Monty set out on a mission to locate their friend and are shocked at what they find. Meanwhile, on the Ark, Abby is determined to get to Earth, and enlists Raven (guest star LINDSEY MORGAN) to craft an escape pod.
3 Earth Kills
In a desperate attempt to treat Jasper's festering wounds, Clarke, Finn and Wells (ELI GOREE) set out in search of a seaweed antibiotic. Bellamy and his crew go hunting for food, and are joined by Charlotte (guest star IZABELA VIDOVIC), a lovable 13-year-old, who feels safe under Bellamy's protection. A thick, acidic fog appears, forcing Clarke, Finn and Wells to seek shelter inside an ancient van. While they are trapped, Clarke confronts Wells on his betrayal that resulted in her father's death.
4 Murphy's Law
After the shocking death of one of their own, Clarke and Finn grow closer as they try to figure out a way to communicate with the Ark. Bellamy must keep the group from turning on one another as life on Earth takes a desperate turn. Meanwhile, Abby risks having herself floated in order to give Raven (recurring guest star LINDSEY MORGAN) the chance to stow-away in the escape pod bound for Earth.
5 Twilight's Last Gleaming
Clarke's newfound romance with Finn is threatened. After suffering a blow to the head, Octavia wakes up to find a Grounder watching her. On the Ark, Abby exposes Kane's plan to reduce the population of the Ark. Then Chancellor Jaha and Abby notice a signal and realize at least some of the 100 must still be alive on Earth.
6 His Sister's Keeper
Bellamy leads his crew into Grounder territory as they search for Octavia. Raven can't help but notice the deep connection between Finn and Clarke. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Bellamy and Octavia's difficult childhood on the Ark.
7 Contents Under Pressure
Clarke and Raven make contact with the Ark, allowing Abby to guide Clarke through a dangerous procedure in a desperate move to save one of their own. Meanwhile, on the Ark, Abby is removed from the council, and former Chancellor Diana Sydney (guest star KATE VERNON) takes her place. Jaha reveals to Abby that there are not enough drop ships for everyone on the Ark to go down to Earth, and Kane begins to deal with his guilt over his recent decision.
8 Day Trip
Clarke and Bellamy go on a mission to find supplies for approaching winter. Some of the 100 accidentally eat nuts with powerfully hallucinogenic properties and lose their grasp on reality. Meanwhile, Octavia seizes the opportunity to help a friend escape, and a terrifying event brings Clarke and Bellamy closer. On the Ark, Commander Shumway (guest star TERRY CHEN) secretly assigns one of the 100 to kill one of their own, and the treacherous actions of council member Diane Sydney are revealed.
9 Unity Day
Clarke and Finn attempt to broker peace with the Grounders but all hell breaks loose when Bellamy, Jasper and Raven show up armed and ready for battle. Octavia and Lincoln (guest star RICKY WHITTLE) grow closer. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes during the Unity Day celebration on the Ark.
10 I Am Become Death
John Murphy (guest star RICHARD HARMON) returns to camp claiming to have been held captive and tortured by the Grounders, and Clarke and Bellamy have very different opinions on how to handle his return. Octavia sneaks away to find Lincoln and returns with a serious warning for the 100. Meanwhile, a mysterious virus strikes camp forcing many to be quarantined, and Jasper pulls off a heroic move.
11 The Calm
With a low food supply at camp, Clarke and Finn lead a group out to hunt for food and wind up in a compromising position. With Finn's life in danger, Clarke makes a game-changing decision. Meanwhile, Raven makes Bellamy an offer he can't refuse. On the Ark -- Kane risks his life and is reunited with Chancellor Jaha and Abby.
12 We Are Grounders - Part I
Clarke and Finn escape one dangerous situation only to find themselves faced with a new enemy. Bellamy makes a heroic move to save Jasper. Raven faces a new danger, and Murphy finally gets his revenge. Meanwhile, those remaining on the Ark are coming to terms with the inevitable.
13 We Are Grounders - Part II
In the first season finale, Clarke pleads with Bellamy to do the right thing as conflict on the ground comes to a head. Bellamy forces Octavia to make a difficult decision. Raven and Jasper work against time and Finn makes a bold move. Meanwhile, the situation on the Ark comes to a stunning conclusion.
101 2013 Comic-Con Panel
Join the creators and stars of the new sci-fi drama The 100 as they preview what can be expected in this dystopian tale of 100 juvenile prisoners exiled to earth 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse.
102 On the Set
Go behind the scenes on the set of the dystopian drama The 100.
103 Pilot Promo
Sneak peek of the dystopian drama of 100 juvenile prisoners exiled to earth 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse.
104 Creating the World of The 100: In the Beginning
Pilot EPK and repurposed CW interviews with the cast and producers provide insight into the origins and developing mythology of season one.
105 Creating the World of The 100: The Ark
12 Space Stations have become linked to create The ARK. We'll explore the design and VFX of this unique Station that is now dying.
106 Creating the World of The 100: A New Earth
We'll explore the VFX of the most magical visual moments of the season, as well as the creatures, terrors, and environmental disasters that make earth lethal.
107 Creating the World of The 100: Grounders, Reapers and Mountain Men
We'll speak with the wardrobe, hair and makeup departments about creating the look of the various tribes of human survivors of the nuclear apocalypse who become integral to the second half of the season.
108 We Are Grounders - Part II, Scene 11 A
Outake footage of the Cast and Crew.

About this show

Ninety-seven years ago, Earth was devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, with the only survivors being the inhabitants of orbiting space stations at the time. Three generations later, resources are running out. Taking ruthless steps to ensure their future, a group of 100 juvenile prisoners are exiled to the Earth’s surface to test whether it’s habitable. No one has set foot on the planet until now.

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7.98K reviews
Ethereal Sekrets
July 31, 2016
I can say that this show was a very wonderful surprise. The 2nd season is the least "sci-fi" of the three seasons, though it is not lacking in the entertainment value at all. BUT more importantly science fiction is more prevalent (IMO) in their latest season 3 from earlier this year. But, wow, did season 3 ever end in the Top Priority status. Needless to say that next years episodes will be exciting to see unfolding. Now, my standards for this show have elevated, so I'm expecting side plots and/or new ideas and probably some characters thrown in for a particular reason and order. Past Favorite Characters: Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, and Lexa. Overall I don't think Clarke is the best thing since sliced bread and surely I'm not the only one who has that opinion. I am quite indifferent about her. I couldn't care less if she lives or dies. Clarke, is replaceable by many of the other strong young people on the show like Bellamy or Octavia or the long list of the 100 you never are fully aware of. Some should be getting older..But it is an easy way to introduce a younger actor that is Skaikru with that list of The 100 minus the ones that died of course. Hope it continues to grow and develop!
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Glenn Canady
May 15, 2016
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Cody Barron
July 26, 2017
Absolutely love the show and all of its twists and turns, this by far is one of my favorite TV shows once I start watching it I can't stop. Clark, Bellamy, Octavia and all the other main characters are absolutely phenomenal. All that's left on my list is to meet these guys in person somehow😊😁😅
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