2011 • Nickelodeon
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Volume 3 episodes (13)

1 A Christmas Tori
It's holiday time at Hollywood Arts and the kids have to find the perfect Secret Santa gifts for each other because whoever gives the worst gift has to go door-to-door yodeling with Sikowitz.
2 The Breakfast Bunch
Tori and the gang are forced to spend a Saturday in detention after a lunch trip gone wrong. They have the whole day to learn about each other, find food, and try not to earn more detention.

An homage to John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club"
3 The Gorilla Club
In an effort to take more risks as an actress, Tori goes to an ungrounded spot called "The Gorilla Club" where she tests herself by performing unusual physical challenges.
4 The Worst Couple
Jade and Beck help Sinjin out with his game show, "The Worst Couple," but find out more about their relationship than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Tori awaits the release of the new Pear phone.
5 Andre's Horrible Girl
Tori notices some changes in her friend Andre, whose girlfriend seems to be overbearing and controlling. Meanwhile, Jade and Cat try to earn easy money dog-sitting in Beverly Hills.
6 Car, Rain, & Fire
Cat's favorite actress dies and she talks Tori and Jade into driving to the actress' house to hold a vigil. Meanwhile, Trina directs a play starring herself, with Beck, Andre, and Robbie.
7 Tori & Jade's Play Date
Tori and Jade play a married couple putting their acting abilities and uneasy friendship to the test. Meanwhile, Cat & Robbie start a service where they deliver bad news in a friendly way.
8 April Fools Blank
When April Fools Day comes to Hollywood Arts, Tori spends her day expecting creative pranks and practical jokes, while being oblivious to a series of absurd events and crazy happenings around her.
9 Driving Tori Crazy
When a movie shoot causes a traffic jam and interferes with Tori's morning commute, she turns to her friends for help. Meanwhile, Cat becomes addicted to an email coupon service.
10 How Trina Got In
Andre, Jade, Cat and Beck trade urban legends about how Trina got accepted into Hollywood Arts. Meanwhile, Tori and Robbie are stuck at Nozu unable to pay their bill.
11 Tori Goes Platinum
Tori wins a contest to sing the opening number at a big music awards show, but the producer wants to totally change her look and behavior. Tori agrees, but finds that she doesn't like her new image.
12 Crazy Ponnie
A strange new student named Ponnie befriends Tori, but keeps disappearing around other people. Everyone worries Tori might be losing it, but Tori suspects that something more sinister is afoot.
101 Bonus Content Season 3
These 3 hilarious bits are a must see for any Victorious fan. Texting While Eating- Yea some of us at Hollywood Arts have a problem of texting while eating. Jade Hates Even More Stuff. This video is only 2 minutes long, but she cut it down from 3 hours of ranting! Tori Takes Requests: Glue Hand - Okay weirdos. I covered my hands in glue like you wanted. Now watch as I peel it off!

About this show

A sensational singer, dynamic dancer, and amazing actress is discovered! Tori Vega is accidentally thrown into the spotlight at a musical showcase and offered admission to Hollywood Arts, the most prestigious performing arts high school in the country!

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363 reviews
Ashley Mathews
September 6, 2019
This was such a good show, but I'm super sad that it got cancelled without a finale episode to tie everything together. It ended abruptly so there's a void with no resolution lol. Regardless, I'm pretty happy to own this show now.
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Tim J.
February 22, 2021
Every episode is here plus the bonus features, I'm very happy since this was probably the last good show to come out of Danwarp. However, four stars because the entirety of the special "Tori Goes Platinum" isn't here, with the second half of it missing for some reason. However the first special "Locked Up!" is present in its full form. This is strange. I wish it could be fixed, because I already purchased the complete series but technically, not everything is present.
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Ro Brown
January 25, 2020
I totally Love the show when I was growing up The bring back so many memories When I would watch it with my grandmother we riches sit there and laugh and laugh. I think they should do a reboot now that they're older now would be awesome to see
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