Desperate Housewives

2004 • ABC
901 reviews
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Season 7 episodes (23)

1 Remember Paul?
Paul Young, now out of prison, returns to Wisteria Lane with a new wife.
2 You Must Meet My Wife
Lynette is angry when Renee starts spending a lot of time with Tom.
3 Truly Content
Susan discovers that some of her best moves are being copied.
4 The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside
Gabrielle shares her secret; Renee tries to steal Keith away from Bree.
5 Let Me Entertain You
Susan upsets an important client; Renee and Gabrielle reveal secrets.
6 Excited and Scared
Susan must reveal her secret Internet side job to Mike.
7 A Humiliating Business
Susan agrees to be Paige's nanny; Lynette recieves a tempting offer.
8 Sorry Grateful
Bree invites Keith's parents to her house for Thanksgiving.
9 Pleasant Little Kingdom
Gabrielle tries to keep Grace around; Renee shares a secret with Susan.
10 Down the Block There's a Riot
Paul's plan for Wisteria Lane is put into effect.
11 Assassins
Susan fights for her life after being trampled by the horde of rioters.
12 Where Do I Belong
Susan's mother (Lesley Ann Warren) and aunt (Valerie Harper) visit.
13 I'm Still Here
Lynette tries to talk her mother out of marrying an obnoxious man.
14 Flashback
Stella tries to force the Scavos to pose for a family portrait.
15 Farewell Letter
Preston and Porter move out; Gaby and Carlos visit her hometown.
16 Searching
Susan learns she will die soon without a kidney transplant.
17 Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed
Paul stands in the way of Susan receiving a kidney transplant.
18 Moments in the Woods
Bree tries to stop Andrew from making a confession.
19 The Lies Ill-Concealed
Susan has inappropriate dreams about Paul.
20 I'll Swallow Poison on Sunday
Tom hires Renee and Lynette to renovate his office.
21 Then I Really Got Scared
Paul suspects Susan is causing his health problems.
22 And Lots of Security...
A dinner party results in a shocking murder.
23 Come On Over For Dinner
Gaby learns her stalker's identity.

About this show

Get all the juicy details of love, lust, and dark laughter that are found on Wisteria Lane. America's best-loved Housewives find themselves entangled in intrigue, temptation and...lots of dirty laundry and linen. Enjoy from the very beginning.

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901 reviews
Mostly Anthologies
April 24, 2021
Season 1, 2, and 3 were amazing. Absolutely addicting. Then season 4 came. Then cancer showed up. Then it became more like a soap opera than an actual fun entertaining "whodunnit" show. Such a shame. This show helped many of us escape our real lives and they ruined it by bringing real life into it. But seasons 1-3 were AWESOME. So that's why I rate season 1 FIVE stars.
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Eddie Farris
March 20, 2023
I think the show was meant to be funny but only at those opportunistic moments. Other times it was meant to be the drama and many episodes showed us how 4 great actresses proved that week after week. I never imagined this show lasting 8 seasons and staying a ratings juggernaut for ABC on Sunday nights. It was a great show and accomplished many things for bringing ABC back from the doldrums to lead the ratings during many weeks and fans never seemed to get tired of the show. Monday mornin gossip
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Catherine Bocchino
May 2, 2013
I didn't watch this when it was on tv. Back then I thought it was another stupid soap opera. But o found the whol series on netflix and was addicted by the second episode. Wish they would bring it back. The plot was great. The way the characters lives intertwined was totally awesome. This is series that you can watch over and over again because so much happens you forget big and small moments. Well worth it.
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