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Season 2 episodes (23)

1 See No Evil
When the wife and 9-year-old blind daughter of a Navy captain are kidnapped, Gibbs and his team are faced with a unique challenge.
2 The Good Wives Club
The NCIS team is called in to investigate when the decomposed body of a woman in a wedding dress is found in a cell beneath abandoned military housing. As Gibbs and his team examine the subterranean prison cell made to resemble a 1950's bedroom, the evidence indicates that the victim had been imprisoned for months and died when her air supply was cut off. Subsequent evidence indicates that this murder may be only one in a pattern of similar incidents and Gibbs and the team find themselves racing to find another possible victim who disappeared from a Navy base in Florida.
3 Vanished
The NCIS team is called in to investigate when a perfectly functioning Marine helicopter is found in the middle of a crop circle.
4 Lt. Jane Doe
The NCIS team is called in to investigate when a body dressed as a Navy lieutenant is discovered apparently raped and murdered.
5 The Bone Yard
A body found on a Marine firing range leads the team to discover a Mafia dumping ground.
6 Terminal Leave
The NCIS team protects an Iraqi War veteran who is the target of terrorist threats.
7 Call of Silence
Gibbs and his team must clear the name of an elderly Marine who confesses to murdering his best friend nearly 60 years ago.
8 Heart Break
Gibbs and his team are summoned to examine the mysterious death of a Navy commander who, after successful open heart surgery, seemingly bursts into flames. The team soon discovers that the commander made an art out of making enemies and they track down a young ensign who was relentlessly hounded by the deceased. But as they take him into custody, a scuffle takes place and Kate reacts with fatal results, realizing too late that they have the wrong man. Ultimately, Tony and Ducky combine their knowledge to uncover the person responsible for the commander's death.
9 Forced Entry
Gibbs and his team are called to the scene when a Marine's wife kills an intruder who tried to rape her.
10 Chained
The team must work together to find Tony when he disappears during an undercover operation.
11 Black Water
The NCIS team investigates when the body of a naval officer missing for two years turns up on the bottom of a lake. Gibbs reluctantly allows a notorious private detective, who located the body, to assist in the investigation as long as he shares information. Fueling the search for the missing man is a $1 million reward posted by his wealthy family. But when a bullet is found in the car, the missing persons' case turns into murder.
12 Doppelganger
The NCIS team investigates the possible murder of a petty officer that was reported by a telemarketer who heard it over the phone. When a telemarketer reports the possible murder of a petty officer he was soliciting, Gibbs and the team work together with the local Virginia officials, whose traits are remarkably like those of the NCIS team. Using their computer skills, Abby and McGee quickly discover that the "attack" was a hoax, intentionally staged by the officer. But when the missing petty officer's body is found, Gibbs' investigation takes on a whole new angle.
13 The Meat Puzzle
Ducky makes a shocking discovery when he finally indentfies three bodies found mutilated in barrels months ago. As he reassembles the pieces of three bodies found stuffed in barrels months ago, Ducky is shocked when he discovers their identities.
14 Witness
Gibbs gives McGee a shot at running a case when the NCIS team is called to investigate after a woman (guest star Danica McKellar) claims to have witnessed the murder of a sailor. With skimpy evidence to go on, Gibbs turns the case over to McGee, who believes the woman's story is enough to continue the case. But when physical evidence of a crime isn't there, McGee pushes the team to keep looking because he senses there's more to her story than meets the eye.
15 Caught On Tape
The NCIS team investigates when a Marine records his own murder on video as he falls off a cliff. Gibbs and the team are called in when the Marine is discovered dead during a camping trip with his wife and best friend, who had an affair. Gibbs plays the former lovers against each other during the interrogation, hoping to get one to say the other is guilty. Meanwhile, Abby must put her superb technical skills to the test when she reconstructs the camera that was broken during the Marine's fall. Also, McGee gets himself into a very itchy situation while investigating the campground.
16 Pop Life
The NCIS team investigates the bizarre death of a female petty officer who is found brutally murdered in the bed of a dance club bartender. Gibbs is perplexed when the bartender wakes up to find the woman next to him is not only dead but not the woman he went to bed with. The NCIS investigation leads the team to her sister, Jade (guest star Mya), who is a singer in the bartender's rival dance club.
17 An Eye For An Eye
The NCIS team investigates when a pair of blue eyeballs is sent to a sailor in D.C. in a package from Paraguay. The investigation puts Gibbs and the team on the trail of a former Navy Intelligence agent who is now a private contractor working in Paraguay. With a little help, Gibbs learns the rogue agent is involved in illegal activities and sends Tony and Kate to Paraguay to make an arrest.
18 Bikini Wax
The NCIS team investigates when a petty officer who recently returned from duty is found dead backstage at a local bikini contest. Gibbs and the team trace the officer's activities since returning from sea duty and they discover a possible stalker who had just been released from prison. But when his location is accounted for at the time of the murder and Ducky's autopsy reveals the officer was pregnant, the team discovers that jealousy may be the motive for her death.
19 Conspiracy Theory
The NCIS team investigates when a petty officer commits suicide after being institutionalized for a nervous breakdown. Gibbs and the team are stunned when Ducky tells them that the Petty Officer, who claimed to have a stalker, was in fact murdered and did not commit suicide. With the help of FBI Agent Fornell (guest star Joe Spano), the team's investigation reveals the petty officer was a victim of a twisted love triangle involving her C.O., who was being investigated by the FBI for kickbacks received from Navy contractors.
20 Red Cell
Gibbs and the team head back to school when a Marine in an ROTC program is found murdered on a college campus. When the team begins their investigation, they quickly turn up a suspect but when he is later found murdered, the team is back at square one. Abby and McGee discover an email chain on one of the suspect's computers referencing a mysterious Red Cell. Gibbs and the team discover that the possible motive may have been a game with deadly consequences.
21 Hometown Hero
Gibbs and the team work to clear the name of a Navy medic killed in Iraq, who is the prime suspect in a murder in his hometown. After the corpsman is killed, the body of a young woman who disappeared before he enlisted is found dead in a storage locker among his possessions. Local police are convinced the corpsman is responsible for the woman's murder, but Gibbs thinks otherwise and is determined to clear the young man's name.
When a letter sealed with a kiss is delivered to NCIS, Tony assumes it's for him and opens it, only to release a mysterious powder into the squad room. Gibbs and the team are forced into quarantine in the NCIS autopsy room pending the results of tests to identify the strange powder. As Abby discovers the substance is a genetically altered version of the plague, Tony and Kate are placed in a bio-hazard isolation ward for fear of exposure. In the clear of the deadly virus, Gibbs and McGee race to track down who sent the letter before the deadly plague destroys one of their team members. Steven Eckholdt and Mariette Hartley guest star.
23 Twilight
Gibbs' worst fears are confirmed when he learns that his nemesis, Arab/Israeli double agent Ari (Rudolf Martin), is back in Washington D.C. on assignment to kill him. Ultimately, the NCIS team discovers that Ari has a bigger plot... and they end up paying the ultimate price trying to thwart it--the death of a team member.

About this show

NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) focuses on Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a former Marine gunnery sergeant, whose skills as an investigator are unmatched, leads this troupe of colorful personalities. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents travel the globe to investigate all crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties.

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10.2K reviews
Lois Quinones
January 18, 2015
Best show on TV, period. I'm retired military, medical, and I've actually worked with my own personal "Ducky" M.E. so the character isn't a hard sale for me, just a nice reminder of times gone by. Although I never knew the investigation side of things, the rest of the cast live up to the part. I've followed the series since it's initial episode aired on TV, but was already a fan of (Leroy Jethro Gibbs) Mark Harmon, and (Anthony DiNozzo) Michael Weatherly. So, sending much love from the Sunshine State, to all the cast of characters from all the NCIS series, past (you are missed, but your work on the show I'm sure will only help your career) and present. I watch all the NCIS I can :-)
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Brian S
March 2, 2017
I have followed the show since the beginning but I'm disappointed ziva and Tony are replaced with the old lady instructor and also very frustrated that they have made us watch ncis new Orleans 2 seasons in a row to see the second half of an ncis episode. They messed up making the new Orleans one and now they're making fans suffer and even pay money to watch it so we can finish the second half of our show....its wrong if new Orleans can't get enough views then can it don't continue ncis on ncis new orleans! You don't see SVU making fans watch criminal intent to finish the story line. Also why do we have to wait so long with the season pass I'm still waiting for last night's episode almost 24hrs later?!?
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Grace Johnson
August 11, 2015
I only started watching this amazing show halfway through season 9. A lot of people probably wonder, "Why start there? Why couldn't you start at season 10?" Well, my mother was watching it, and one night I sat down and watched it. At first, I only watched it because I liked the characters, even though I didn't understand what was going on. But then, I started to be able to follow along, and make the occasional correct prediction on what was going to happen. I began to see all of the characters as a family, and the chemistry they had between each other. In fact, by the season finale of season 9, I was able to follow along, and was shocked by the ending. I believe that season 10 was the saddest seasons of all times, with multiple emotional episodes. Season 11 was okay, there were really no major events. And then you watch season 12 finale, and you're thinking, oh my gosh. September 22 cannot come fast enough. In fact, I couldn't help myself after seeing something on facebook to look up spoilers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, why would I do such a thing. To answer any questions, I have done research, watched clips on youtube, and earlier episodes on TV. So I am fully aware of the past.
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