Midsomer Murders

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Season 21 episodes (4)

1 The Point of Balance
Midsomer is buzzing with excitement at the arrival of the annual 'Paramount Dance Extravaganza'. But behind the sequins and smiles are deep running feuds and passions, and when the stakes are high, the desire to win can outweigh just about anything.
2 The Miniature Murders
The worlds of miniature dolls houses and real houses collide when prolific real estate agent Alexander Beauvoisin is murdered in front of a crowd at the unveiling of a new dolls house collection at Midsomer Museum of the family.
3 The Sting of Death
The Deddington's thriving bee Empire has put Granville Norton on the map, but what lengths will they go to to ensure they're never dethroned…
4 With Baited Breath
Fishermen and women flock to the village of Solomon Gorge desperate to catch a giant fish that is said to lurk in the lake. Their plans are threatened however when hundreds of lycra clad sporting enthusiasts descend on the area for the Pyscho Mud Run.

About this show

Jez Gladberry is found murdered in the woods, with several bruises on his face from a metal claw, and a shot in the head from a silver bullet. A while later, a young woman is found killed, hanging from a gravestone, with a funeral wreath around her neck. Some time before the murders, a local photographer, Steve Skelton, won a competition with his own creation of The Wolf Hunter. Has the myth about The Wolf Hunter started just like a murderous reality, or does the killer want to put the blame on Steve who created The Wolf Hunter? It seems that a feeling of being lonely and being abandoned is what this case is all about.
143 reviews
Lady Hecate
November 9, 2020
I was delighted to accidentally come across this wonderful series. I love it. I can watch it free on Comcast and have been doing so. I enjoy watching Britain made movies. These series are focused in a quaint town with British gardens and thatched roofs. You rarely ever figure out who did it. My DVR went up and now I cannot watch on TV. I miss it, even though I will continue watching once I get another dvr.
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sheila foules
August 10, 2019
The latest playing DCI BARNABY changed me from like to loving the show. Barnaby's wife is lovely and both are well suited actors with each other. And they are "happy" cast rather than silly. Much improved and no sounds of breathing-itis.
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Kelly Sizemore
April 27, 2019
Just The Best TV Show👍👍 American Television is So Freaking Boring 😴😴 Would Love to find the different Music for each episode. There are some Beautiful Opera Music Pieces. Do Miss Troy & Jones. ☮
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