Everything's Gonna Be Okay

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Everything's Gonna Be Okay: Series 1 episodes (10)

1 Seven-Spotted Ladybug
Nicholas' single dad has very bad cancer and he's going to die, soon. So Nicholas offers himself up to be the guardian for his two teenage half-sisters. What's the worst that can happen?
2 Greenbottle Blue Tarantula
Nicholas wishes he could call an adult. After the death of their father, Nicholas, Matilda, and Genevieve struggle to return to their daily - and nightly - routines.
3 Giant Asian Mantises
Matilda wants to get white-girl-wasted; Genevieve's low-key birthday party leaves Nicholas, Alex, and Matilda banished to the guest house; In the main house, Tellulah turns things up a notch.
4 Silkmoths
Nicholas is terrible at love; Genevieve's ambivalence about Nicholas' boyfriend Alex takes an unfortunate turn when the three go out together; Matilda wants to bake Luke a cake but takes her brother's advice.
5 West African Giant Black Millipedes
Nicholas forgets how to talk to grown ups and has a dinner party to meet Alex's best friends; Matilda goes to her first high school party with a goal in mind; Genevieve and her friends get riled up and act in the name of justice.
6 Harvester Ants
Nicholas has a very weird week; Genevieve promises Matilda she won't make a scene, but ends up in the principal's office; Nicholas stands off with another parent; Matilda demands answers but Nicholas struggles to give her any.
7 Blue Death-Feigning Beetles
Matilda's whole life forks between success and obscurity on the most important night of her life; Nicholas juggles a house full of people and Penny on screen from her hospital bed in Australia.
8 Maggots
Alex puts Nicholas in the naughty corner; Nicholas and Alex work through their relationship issues at home; Matilda and Genevieve find themselves confronting sexuality at school in very different ways; Genevieve is forced to grow up.
9 Monarch Butterflies
Matilda focuses on her relationship; Nicholas gets a reality check at Matilda and Genevieve's parent-teacher conference; he figures out how to get them to wake up and try.
10 Discoid Cockroaches
Matilda is inspired for her future; the family navigates New York City, teaching Matilda to ride the subway; Genevieve has a thing she wants to do; it's a big reveal; Nicholas starts to dream of a life with fewer responsibilities.

About this show

From "Please Like Me" creator, writer and star JOSH THOMAS comes half-hour comedy "Everything's Gonna Be Okay", produced by Avalon Television and Freeform.

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