Pirate Islands: Lost Treasure of Fiji

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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Game On
Marty accidentally damages the game and is sucked into it! Tyler, Alison and Kirra follow. In virtual Fiji Tyler finds Marty is with the pirates and wants to beat his brother to the treasure to prove himself the better gamer.
2 Sanctuary
Trapped in Salty Ben's hut, our gang outwits him and gets free access to the premises, as well as information on the treasure and the map. Marty wins Blackheart's favour with first aid and a false map and is appointed cabin boy.
3 Nemesis
After gaining a clue from Salty Ben, Tyler & the girls separate to look for the map. Tyler finds he has enhanced fighting abilities when he beats Lilly in a fight. When he shows off these skills to the girls, the first map piece is revealed. On the ship, Marty climbs the pirate ranks.
4 Without Paddles
Tyler is abducted by the pirates and Kirra plans to rescue him. To get a canoe, the girls cheat in a boat race against Sol. Marty frees Tyler but decides to stay with the pirates.
5 Secrets and Lies
Kirra bonds with Sol so when Blackheart raids the village Sol is forced to reveal the history of the Orb. Tyler and Alison trick more information out of the Salty Bens. Marty gets too big for his boots and Lilly cuts him down to size.
6 Poison
Lilly poisons Alison and demands the map piece for the antidote. Blackheart's health is also ailing and Marty wrongly thinks Lilly is to blame. Kirra gives Lilly the map piece just before Tyler returns from the healer with Alison's cure.
7 Mutiny
Kirra and Alison overcome their differences to confront the masked spirit in the forest and gain the second piece of the map. Lilly leads a mutiny and casts Blackheart and Dugal adrift but keeps Marty with her.
8 Cross and Doublecross
Marty steals the next piece of map by pretending he has renounced the pirates and seen the error of his ways. Blackheart and Dugal make it to shore but are captured by the villagers and imprisoned.
9 Choices
Sol asks Tyler to compete in the annual village warrior challenge. Tyler agrees but things don't go as he expected. Lilly wants Marty to prove he is a real pirate by eliminating their opponents once and for all.
10 Broadside
To save Marty, Tyler and Alison help Blackheart escape from the village prison. Lilly walks the plank while Marty, Tyler and Alison are rescued at sea by Sol and Kirra. The gang now have both pieces of the map, leaving Blackheart with fakes.
11 Drum Roll
Alison destroys the sacred village drum and the game malfunctions threatening to maroon them in the game. Sol and the gang combine forces to fix the game and get the third piece of the map.
12 Unholy Alliance
Tyler finds Lilly unconscious and takes her to the hut to recover where she steals the map and burns the hut down. Blackheart kidnaps Tyler and Lilly, they find the treasure cave but are trapped inside. Alison, Kirra, Sol and Harry track them to cave entrance.
13 Tabu
After uncovering the Orb of Osiris, Kirra is mortally wounded by Lilly. Tyler has to pull out all the stops to retrieve the orb, revive Kirra and find the way to getthem out of the game.

About this show

Top online gamers from all around the world have been invited to Fiji for a sneak preview of the new and highly sophisticated computer adventure game 'Pirate Island - Lost in Fiji'. Tyler - who is more interested in the female gamers - and his younger brother Marty are also there for the festivities. While playing Marty damages the game control and is suddenly dragged into the virtual world of 19th-century Fiji by a holographic pirate from the game. With the help of two female gamers, Kirra and Alison, Tyler tries to help his brother, but the three of them are also swallowed up by the game … the modern teenagers are faced with unbelievable situations.
4 reviews

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