Run the World

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Run the World - Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Phenomenal Women
Two years after her first book failed to impress critics and fans, Ella McFair is starting her first day of work at, a tabloid website she once found beneath her. She enlists the support of her girlfriends Whitney Greene and Renee Ross to accompany her to her first assignment - covering the high profile "Legends" party. Across town, Ella's friend, Sondi Wright, finds herself at odds with her boyfriend Matthew when she oversteps his boundaries when it comes to parenting his six-year old daughter.
2 Because...ADOS
Renee summons Ella and Sondi to update them on the status of her marriage with Jason. As they engage in a day drinking session that turns into night, Renee confesses her relationship may have come to a breaking point. Whitney feels torn between work demands and her wedding-planning obligations. Ella flirts with the idea of her first interracial sexual encounter.
3 What a Co-inky-Dick
Ella begrudgingly celebrates her 32nd birthday, bumping into past love interests that raise new questions about her relationship forecast. At a movie junket, Ella is challenged by an actress who offers her a different perspective on aging. Renee positions herself for a promotion at work. Sondi and Matthew weigh the repercussions on coming forward with their relationship. Whitney tries to move past her wedding jitters by focusing on her love for Ola.
4 I Love Harlem
It's a perfect uptown Saturday and we follow all of the ladies as they collide into each other throughout Harlem. Whitney enlists the help of Ola's sister to help her find the perfect traditional Nigerian bridal dress. Ella meets her work husband, Javi, for a 'black boy joy' brunch date. Finding herself in an emotional boomerang, Renee begins taking steps forward in her relationship with Jason. Renee and Whitney drag Sondi out of the house for some much needed girl time.
5 Plus Ones
Sondi and Matthew host a party for their colleagues at the university where Sondi is challenged by a professor with radical ideas. Renee brings an uninvited guest to the party. Whitney prepares for the arrival of her mother, who is in town for her final bridal dress fitting. Ella finds herself in conflict with Sondi. Whitney's wedding stress level reaches a fever pitch when her maid-of-honor Hope arrives.
6 My Therapist Says…
Whitney, Ella, Sondi and Renee see their shared therapist, Dr. Nancy Josephson, to work out their individual issues. Whitney explores the sources for her anxiety and her obsession with perfection. Ella revisits the failure of her novel and its lasting implications on her confidence and career. Renee is forced to confront the emotional truths in her relationship with Jason. Sondi explores her displaced feelings of anger towards Ella.
7 What You Wish For
Sondi grows weary of how much time she is spending parenting Amari, fearing it will impact her academic future. Ella attends a private music event at the invitation of an old colleague where she stumbles into an amazing story for Ella worries Anderson disapproves of her career choices. Renee lands a big piece of business at work only to find herself sidelined from overseeing the project. Whitney and Ola attend pre-marital counseling and learn some surprising truths.
8 Almost Lady, Almost!
Ella, Renee, Sondi and Hope get wild and crazy at Whitney's bachelorette party, but the bride is nowhere to be found. Hope returns to conduct Whitney's bachelorette festivities but nothing seems to go as planned when Renee takes control of the evening. Some hours later in a very fancy 5-star hotel suite, our girls are drunk and high and behaving badly. Renee contemplates her next career steps. Sondi, liberated from faux-motherhood, is on a mission to party the hardest, and Ella can't stop thinking about Anderson. When Whitney arrives, the girls learn some startling news.

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The story of a group of Black women who work, live and play in Harlem as they strive for world domination. They're not only surviving – but thriving together.
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