Junji Ito Collection (Original Japanese Version)

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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 Souichi’s Convenient Curse / Hell Doll Funeral
From the master of horror, this anthology series focuses on Junji Ito's twisted stories. The first story introduces the curse-obsessed Souichi. Then, in the second story, a strange plague forces a couple to make a difficult decision about their child.
2 Fashion Model / The Long Dream
In "Fashion Model", a group of amateur filmmakers get more than they bargained for after casting a strange actress in their movie. The second story asks questions about the nature of reality, the perception of time, and the mind's ability to warp both.
3 Boy at the Crossroads / Slug Girl
Crossroads divination is a type of fortune telling in many different cultures, but in this story it becomes something far more dangerous. In the second story a family troubled by slugs all over their property find out just how much worse things can get.
4 Shiver / Marionette Mansion
In Shiver, a young boy notices the puzzling disease affecting his neighbor and recognizes it's symptoms from his own past. And in the second story, a puppeteer family finds themselves questioning who exactly is pulling the strings in their lives.
5 The Ongoing Tale of Oshikiri / Cloth Teacher
Oshikiri lives in a strange house that seems to be connected to parallel worlds, with strange variants of people he knows passing through all the time. But what if they're dangerous? And Shouichi returns to "make" some friends... literally.
6 The Window Next Door / Gentle Goodbye
In Window Next Door, a young boy moves to a new town where his mysterious new neighbor might prove to be more than he bargained for. And in Gentle Goodbye, a newlywed wife struggles to deal with the strange tradition of her husband's family.
7 Used Record / Town of no Roads
A strange record featuring otherworldly music that is to die for bewitches people in the first segment. In the second, a young girl fed up with unwanted attention moves in with her aunt and learns she has a lot more to lose than just her privacy.
8 Honored Ancestors / The Circus Comes to Town
In Honored Ancestors a young girl struggles with the strange relationship her boyfriend has with his extended family. And in the second story, a traveling circus provides its audience with uniquely deadly thrills and chills.
9 Painter / Blood-bubble Bushes
An up-and-coming painter finds dangerous new inspiration in the first story. In the second story, a young couple's outing turns deadly when they happen upon an abandoned village.
10 Greased / Bridge
In Greased a young girl's endurance for her family's disgusting home is pushed beyond it's limits. And in Bridge, a village's strange burial tradition might spell danger for a woman visiting her grandmother.
11 Supernatural Transfer Student / Scarecrow
A new student joins the school's Supernatural Club, but is he witnessing strange phenomena or causing it? And in the second story, a father's love for his daughter takes a turn for the odd when a scarecrow near her grave begins to transform.
12 Smashed / Rumors
The story Smashed features a group of friends who encounter unimaginable consequences when enjoying an exotic treat. And in Rumors, Souichi bites off more than he can chew, even with nails for teeth, when trying to manipulate his classmates.

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Spiral into madness with body horror that leaves you shivering. These vignettes bring Junji Ito’s work to life like never before.

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11 reviews
December 4, 2019
I cant lie, Junji Ito is a master in this genre. His art has a way or captivating you and horrifying you at the same time. Junji's art will definitely stay with you loooong after you put it down. Do yourself a favor and check this out!If you are a horror, art, or fear junkie like me, then Junji Ito will defiantly deliver that and more. Best wishes!
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Muaath معاذ
May 4, 2021
bad very bad i will not support this trash the animation quality is disappointing at least and it's been adapted very badly because they were not even trying so don't buy it at least that's my opinion
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Matthew Lovato
May 3, 2021
Does this come with the tomie ova?? Seriously cant find if it does or not? Please if anyone can tell me
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