2005 • HBO
75 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 The Stolen Eagle
52 B.C. Eager to return to Rome after eight long years of war, Gaius Julius Caesar ends his campaign with a resounding triumph in Gaul--and news of a shattering personal loss at home.
2 How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic
Appointed People's Tribune by Caesar, Mark Antony returns to Rome with Octavian's liberators, Vorenus and Pullo. After being feted by Atia, Vorenus heads home to his family for the first time in eight years.
3 An Owl in a Thornbush
Pompey's decision to temporarily abandon Rome to Caesar forces patrician families to choose sides.
4 Stealing from Saturn
Pompey maneuvers outside the city; Atia throws a party welcoming Caesar; Vorenus also hosts a fete.
5 The Ram Has Touched the Wall
Caesar weighs Pompey's counteroffer against Antony's recommendation to chase down Pompey's army. Vorenus is forced to reconsider his career choices. A jealous Atia concocts a clever scheme to separate Caesar from Servilia.
6 Egeria
Mark Antony is running Rome while Caesar pursues Pompey, but when news comes that the tide has turned and that Pompey now pursues Caesar, Antony must decide whether to stick by his old commander or turn against him.
7 Pharsalus
Marooned in the Adriatic Sea, Vorenus and Pullo try to survive. In Greece, Pompey decides to attack Caesar's depleted forces, whose lack of options turns into their greatest strength. The result finds Pompey seeking reinforcements.
8 Caesarion
Having pursued Pompey into Egypt, Caesar arrives in Alexandria and meets the boy king Ptolemy XIII, who offers the general a surprise gift. Vorenus and Pullo play liberators again, freeing Ptolemy's incarcerated sister, Cleopatra.
9 Utica
With Scipio and Cato defeated, Caesar returns home to a hero's welcome. Vorenus and Pullo's showdown with local thug Erastes gets an unexpected reprieve from Caesar. Servilia's plan to use Octavia to unearth a secret about Caesar backfires.
10 Triumph
Caesar is proclaimed Emperor amidst pomp and fanfare, while Vorenus and Pullo plan their futures in Rome's new order.
11 The Spoils
While Pullo descends into Erastes' netherworld, Vorenus negotiates a severance for veteran soldiers on behalf of Caesar, who invites him and Niobe to one of Atia's parties.
12 Kalends of February
In the Season One finale, Vorenus's defense of Pullo lands him in an unexpected position of power. Meanwhile, Servilia crosses the final hurdle in her ambitious revenge scenario, at Niobe's expense.

About this show

Every city has its secrets. HBO presents this epic series about generals and soldiers, masters and slaves, husbands and wives--all entwined in the furious historical events that saw the death of a republic and the birth of the Roman empire.

Rating: R18+
75 reviews
Daniel Kristiansen Cash
June 20, 2014
Unbelievably good show. The only problem is that there isn't a 3rd season. Another must watch show from HBO.
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Sharm Mcwaters
March 17, 2018
I absolutely love Rome I hope they make a season 3 it is entertaining it is brilliantly cast the seasons are incredible to watch I need season 3 you could say that I am slightly addicted
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Regina Jenner
September 30, 2015
This is a brilliant series. Well cast and the production design makes for a convincing depiction of ancient Rome during Caesar's reign. This series immerses you in the events of the time.
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