Alaskan Bush People

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Season 1 episodes (5)

1 Raised Wild
After being pushed of their land, the unique Brown family of nine travels deep into the Alaskan bush to build a small shack where they will all sleep. The Browns have lived their whole lives in the wild and often go 6 months without seeing an outsider.
2 Human Wolf Pack
The Brown brothers are forced to step up when building a one room cabin for the family. During some down time, the wolf pack of five goes into a small bush town to hunt for potential mates. It's the first time they've been in public together in months.
3 Blindsided
As the Browns race to finish their cabin, temperatures plummet and an illness hits the family. Their ability to survive the winter rests on the brothers as they race to get essential supplies and complete the home.Then, the unexpected strikes.
4 Fight or Flight
A confrontation on the Browns property shuts down production and forces them to make a big decision.
5 The Wild Life
After facing unparalleled obstacles, the Browns reflect on their past year of living in the Alaskan Bush while providing surprise revelations about the family's lifestyle.

About this show

Deep in the wilderness lives a family who was born and raised wild. The Browns live off the grid and rely on each other to survive.
4.17K reviews
A Google user
October 5, 2018
The entire family is endearing. Like Billy, I am from Fort Worth, Texas. So sad he lost his parents at such a young age. Every member of the family have their own individual talents. I discovered the show this season & have tried to watch all of them from the time Rain was 9 years old. Having visited Alaska on two Carnivsl cruises, when I see the towns, I recognize where they are talking about. My Dad was sort of like Billy & didn’t like living in the city or close neighbors and was very private at different phases of his life. I was the only girl & had 3 brothers. I can relate to every member of the family. Ami reminds me of my Mom. She was the epitome of the perfect mother, very quiet, demure, loving, & religious. Noah is like my baby brother. There is nothing he couldn’t do, design or make. Intelligent and very handsome. Wouldn’t be surprised if he became a famous inventor one day. As for Ami, like her, my Mom had cancer-non-Hodgkin Lymphoma & we lost her in1999. My Dad has a bear , mustache, long gray hair & became an actor, singer, songwriter and musician. His stage name was Rusty LEE & you can see him in Raising Arizona in the bank scene. . Matt is a darling.
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Diane Womble
August 8, 2017
I like the message that they resonate of God and Family. I find wilderness living fascinating. Each family members personality is interesting and entertaining. Noah and Bam Bam are probably my two favorites, but, I think they are all wonderful. I do have to say after watching several episodes it doesn't really appear that the family actually lives in the woods. Their "homestead" looks more like a camp, than a homestead of twenty years. I'm just thinking that given their intelligence that home would be more refined than looking like a camp, albeit simple living.
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Brian Waller
June 25, 2016
A fantastic reality show about a family of nine . Billy Brown & his wife are parents that have raised there seven children completely off the grid an successfully raising them all along with all it takes a person must have and know to survive not only to survive in the bush but as well morally to successfully remain most importantly stay close as a family that can work well together as a team. I think that Billy and his wife Ami, are to be congratulated at raising such fine and hard working kids. I can
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