Good Luck Charlie

2010 • Disney Channel
1.55K reviews
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Vol. 1 episodes (13)

1 Study Date
Teddy moves her study date with a cute boy to home so that she can help Bob take care of Charlie.
2 Baby Come Back
When Bob has an accident, the kids must take care of him and Charlie.
3 The Curious Case of Mr. Dabney
Teddy is annoyed that Ivy has become texting buddies with Amy.
4 Double Whammy
Amy reveals that she was the high school mascot, Wammy, and pressures Teddy into trying out.
5 Dance Off
Teddy asks Spencer to the school dance, and they double with Ivy and Emmett.
6 Charlie Did It!
The manager at the local Redi-Mart is not amused when Charlie grabs a pair of baby sunglasses.
7 Butt-Dialing Duncans
In order to get Amy to let her go to a midnight movie, Teddy pretends her mom is cool.
8 Charlie is 1
It's Charlie's first birthday and the family reminisces about the day she was born!
9 Up a Tree
When Bob decides to cut down the tree that holds their treehouse, Teddy and PJ stage a sit-in.
10 Take Mel Out to the Ball Game
Teddy discovers she has a Great Uncle Mel that Bob never told her about.
11 Boys Meet Girls
PJ gets a job delivering food for Kwikki-Chiki and falls in love with a customer.
12 Kit and Kaboodle
Mrs. Dabney pays Teddy to watch her beloved cat, Kaboodle, while she goes out of town.
13 Teddy's Little Helper
In an effort to win over her English teacher, Teddy brings Charlie to class.

About this show

The Duncans are a typical family whose lives are turned topsy-turvy with the arrival of baby sister, Charlie.
1.55K reviews
William Cormier
April 16, 2020
This is one of the best show i have seen so much funny it just never get old when it got the likes like Bridgette man handler what mire can i see or say she so wholesum to say the less but mire to the liking she the whole package in love and like and all that kind of stuff and shes funny to look at too if you get the jezt i imply my squeeze meeter was in ovalread driver butt my heart left to die high and dry up a stump when they cut the seriry to cansell
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samantha mathews
March 19, 2014
I started watching this show when I was little so its sad for it to end. I will miss u guys. And I wish u all luck in the future. Also just so people know one time I had a dream where Bridget Mendler was my cousin and she came to my house and it was so cool. If your reading this Bridget Mendler I love u and if u ever meet Ross lynch ask him for his # for me I am determined to meet him some day since I am only 11 I have plenty of time. Love, Megan 👛💲👗👠💄💜👒📞🎨🎬🎶🎤🐇🐦🐾🍭🍦🌷🌸❄🌍
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A Google user
March 10, 2018
I would recommend it> But the stupid thing is it says free but you have to frinking pay and I love this show and their so stupid and rude for making it says free , but you have to pay for it. I mean what if some little girl and or little boy wanted to watch it and they could not watch it because they want you to pay because they just want the money people are not going to want to pay for a 0.99 cent show. They are even more rude because they do it for the movies so I hate this site now because of this douchebags.
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