Mr. Mercedes

11 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Pilot
Based on the best-selling book series by Stephen King. Two years after retiring, former homicide detective Bill Hodges is still haunted by his last case – a massacre that left sixteen people dead. When the demented culprit begins to torment Hodges, he is compelled to revisit the case.
2 On Your Mark
As Hodges struggles to maintain his sanity, both Pete and Ida take notice. Deborah worries about Brady, who gives her a window into his latest work. Hodges connects with Olivia Trelawney's sister Janey, who hires him as a private detective.
3 Cloudy, With A Chance Of Mayhem
Hodges and Janey dig deeper into the circumstances surrounding Olivia's death. Hodges uses Debbie's Blue Umbrella to turns the tables on Brady. Jerome's father intervenes in his relationship with Hodges.
4 Gods Who Fall
Ida is hurt as Hodges and Janey's relationship intensifies. Lou is disturbed by an interaction with a customer. Deborah takes Brady to the cemetery and the two reflect on their difficult past.
5 The Suicide Hour
The cat and mouse game between Hodges and Brady escalates. Hodges has an upsetting conversation with Janey's mother. Deborah's drinking almost causes an accident at the Hartsfield home.
6 People In The Rain
Hodges struggles with the past as it concerns his daughter, Allie. As Deb attempts to make a change for the better, Brady interferes. Robi continues pressuring Brady to impress their bosses. Hodges connects with Janey's niece, Holly.
7 Willow Lake
As Hodges helps Janey through a difficult time, their connection deepens. Realizing he still needs their help, Hodges brings Jerome and Holly back into the investigation. Deborah confronts Brady with her concerns.
8 From The Ashes
A critical error puts Brady in the center of a crisis of his own making. Holly and Jerome make a pivotal discovery. After a tragedy sends Hodges reeling, he goes to visit his daughter, Allie.
9 Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream
Jerome and Holly tell Hodges their concerns about the Mercedes Killer. Tensions continue to escalate between Brady and Robi. As details about the investigation emerge, Hodges, Pete, and Izzy close in on their suspect.
10 Jibber-Jibber Chicken Dinner
When another murder victim is discovered, suspicions about Brady are confirmed. As the police prepare for another massacre, Hodges fears for the safety of those he loves.

About this show

Based on Stephen King’s best-selling Bill Hodges Trilogy, which includes, Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End of Watch.
11 reviews
Mark Gilliam
June 15, 2020
So much potential wasted. Yet another example of a great Stephen King story being unnecessarily changed by movie/tv writers for the worse. It can be somewhat understandable for a single movie, but not in a 10 hour series. The show starts off faithful enough but then decides to completely ignore and discard the character growth and arcs of Jerome and Holly leaving the whole thing flat while trying to end the "same" was as the book. So much potential to do the Bill Hodges Trilogy justice in 3 seasons but without the development of essential characters from the start, I think I'll pass going forward. Truly a shame.
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Lance Smith
July 11, 2020
It wasn't bad, that being said it wasn't great either. After reading the synopsis for the next season I won't be paying any money to watch it. I would have appreciated a more book accurate experience, I feel like they butchered it and left out key parts, especially by switching the books around with the order of seasons.
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E. Clark
May 23, 2021
Good but if you're Native American, Season 3 episode 7 has some racist b*llsh*t in it. Didn't read the book and don't see any reason to now.
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