Splash and Bubbles

2016 • PBS Kids
148 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Lu the Explorer/I’ve Got Rhythm?
Splash takes his pals to go see his friend, LU, a fearless explorer in the deep. He has met Lu in his travels, and she has been an inspiration for Splash. Lu turns out to be a female football fish (the “Lu” stands for “bio-LU-minescent”) who leads them on an adventure in the abyss. / Wave, the octopus, loves the musicality of Reeftown, but tries to keep others from discovering that he has no rhythm.
2 I Only Have Eyespots for You/Double Bubbles
Splash sees a beautiful fish go by and instantly wants to be its friend, but whenever he tries to talk to the fish, it ignores him. He and his friends soon learn the fish has false eyespots on her back and had no idea they were trying to talk to her. / When Finny, a green dragonet, joins the group to play one day, Bubbles starts to worry that they’re so similar, her friends won’t need her around anymore.
3 Cleaner of the Kelp/How Bubbles Got Her Moves Back
While playing in the kelp forest, Splash, Bubbles and Dunk meet Tidy the Garibaldi Fish, who is the self-appointed Kelp Forest Ranger. Tidy has been taking the kids’ shells as they play in the forest, because he likes to keep everything clean and tidy. / Bubbles injures her fin and has trouble swimming, but still wants to move around, so she begins trying all of the methods that other creatures on the reef use to move.
4 Dunk the Artist/Ripple’s Sea Dragons
Dunk discovers that what he considers “just playing with sand” is actually considered beautiful art by his friends, and he is proud of himself for having a special talent. / Ripple leads the gang to investigate the legend of the Sea Dragon that has been passed down in her family. When they discover what Sea Dragons actually are, they learn that just because they haven’t seen something before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
5 Tooth Treasure/Race Around the Reef
The kids find a tooth lying in the sand outside the reef, and they are determined to return it to the owner, even when they find out it’s a shark! / Splash and his friends have a race around the reef, and Splash wins by riding the currents instead of swimming. Bubbles and Dunk then want to know all about the currents so they too can race faster.
101 PBS KIDs Presents: Splash and Bubbles
Meet Splash, Bubbles, and their Reeftown friends in this sneak peek from Splash and Bubbles!

About this show

Splash and Bubbles follows the adventures of Splash, a yellow fusilier fish who has migrated all over the oceans before settling down with his family in Reeftown, where he befriends three inquisitive fellow sea creatures. Until Splash came along, Bubbles, Dunk, Ripple and most of the other Reeftown residents had no idea what lay beyond the cozy confines of their coral walls. Together, Splash and his friends explore the world’s oceans, where they meet wildly diverse marine animals and discover otherworldly undersea habitats, bringing back what they’ve learned to share with their neighbors.
148 reviews
Quest Phillips Phillips
November 8, 2017
Splash And Bubbles Sucks! This Is Worst PBS KIDS Show Ever! Because Ripoff Finding Nemo, Spongebob Squarepants, And Bubble Guppies Which Was Way Better!
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March 31, 2018
I don't think it is fair that you have to get this movie app to watch this because my parents won't let me but they got me movies and tv shows for me to watch in the car but it won't let me watch them with out it. 😡
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Marissa Grubbs
June 17, 2021
I love this TV show cause its fun and tells interesting facts that I didn't even know about. Its perfect to learn new thing about the ocean and fish.
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