She Made Me Do It?

2015 • Oxygen
46 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Rebecca Cleland
What was to be a reconciliation dinner ends in murder. A husband dead, his cousin-in-law identified as the killer. Did the sexy wife put him up to it, or was she just an innocent bystander?
2 Kinzie Noordman
A missing high school student turns up dead. Was this a high school prank gone wrong by two supposed friends, or a premeditated murder orchestrated by the school's Queen Bee?
3 Mary Sharpksi
A man is brutally attacked by a machete wielding ninja and his wife's friends are suspects. Did they act alone or at her request?
4 Veronica Paz
A star athlete is killed and burned. His on-again/off-again lover blames her high school sweetheart. He claims she made him do it.
5 Shawna Forde
A family is brutally shot down and murdered in a border town. Investigators look at the local MinuteMen Organization. Did rogue members act on their own or did their charismatic leader make them do it?
6 Amy Bessey
When a man is shot while driving on the freeway, clues point to his adopted son and brother-in-law. Did they act alone, or did his estranged wife put them up to it?
7 Adriana Vasco
A prominent husband and wife are assassinated at the side of the road. When investigators take a closer look at the husband's mistress, they unravel shocking secrets. Was she a pawn in a game of two cunning men, or the mastermind behind a double homicide?
8 Rebecca Hatcher
A small town's mayor is found dead in his bed. Was this a tragic case of death by natural causes or did his daughter-in-law orchestrate his murder?

About this show

"She Made Me Do It?" profiles true stories of women accused of manipulating men to do their evil bidding.
46 reviews
Unjaded Realist
February 18, 2018
A show about men who commit gruesome murders but frames the women involved with these murdererers as the "truly evil" ones calling them "seductress" and "manipulator". Repeatedly describing violent male psychopaths literally as "meek", and "sensitive".
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Angie Helmke
July 17, 2016
Men blaming woman as usual for there f ups ,lol
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Josh Impinto
October 11, 2015
Good show! This is a good spinoff.
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