Inside No. 9

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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Inside No 9 - Sardines
It is the day of Rebecca and Jeremy's engagement party, and everyone (well, nearly everyone) has turned up to the old house to wish them well. Except that one of the bedrooms, the one with all the old baggage in it, has been left unlocked.
2 Inside No 9 - A Quiet Night in
In this silent farce, we enter the beautiful, modernist home of Gerald and Sabrina. A beautiful home with lots of beautiful things in it. It's a likely target for an audacious criminal enterprise... When cat-burglars Ray and Eddie decide to break in, they have to dodge all manner of obstacles - including the warring couple that live there - to get their hands on a priceless painting.
3 Inside No 9 - Tom and Gerri
Tom is a primary school teacher with ambitious ideas of becoming an author. When he tries to repay a good turn from a late-night caller, he gradually becomes the victim of his own generosity.
4 Inside No 9 - Last Gasp
Tamsin is a very sick little girl, so Jan and Graham have asked WishmakerUK to brighten up their daughter's birthday. The charity is bringing along a very special guest indeed -- none other than the legendary singer Frankie J Parsons.
5 Inside No 9 - The Understudy
Tony Warner's performance as Macbeth is the toast of London's West End. It would be very bad luck indeed if he was suddenly indisposed in some way. Except for Jim, his ever-hopeful understudy, of course.
6 Inside No 9 - The Harrowing
Ordinarily, Hector and Tabitha never go out as they have to look after their disabled elder brother. But tonight's event is so special that they are going to need a baby-sitter. And Katy's not going to turn down £88, is she?

About this show

Inside No. 9 invites you into six very different Number 9s, where the ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the macabre. From a grand country house where a game of 'sardines' leads to some chilling revelations in a wardrobe, to the flat of an apparently happy primary school teacher who becomes the victim of a good deed, these unpredictable tales feature high comedy and horror by turns.
6 reviews
Chris Nichols
November 9, 2021
Amazing show. So well written
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