Paranormal Caught on Camera

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Season 1 episodes (16)

1 World's Most Haunted School
Poltergeist activity is caught on a school's security camera and more.
2 Seedy Motel Poltergeist
A businessman encounters poltergeist activity in his motel room and more.
3 The Montauk Monster and More
An internet-famous monster washes up again on a beach and more.
4 Gettysburg Ghosts and More
A ghost appears on the Gettysburg battlefield and more.
5 Haunted Antique Store and More
A poltergeist haunts an English antique store and more.
6 Oregon Bigfoot and More
An Oregon man captures some of the best Bigfoot footage ever and more.
7 Pentagon UFO and More
A pyramid-shaped UFO is spotted over the Pentagon and more.
8 Ghostly Regulars and More
Ghostly patrons haunt pubs throughout the UK and more.
9 Asylum Encounter and More
A paranormal investigator is attacked in an abandoned asylum and more.
10 Haunted Hotel and More
A couple shares their hotel room with a ghostly guest and more.
11 Sea Monster Attack and More
A couple encounters a vicious sea monster, and a man opens a cursed box.
12 Utah Bigfoot Hunt and More
Friends track down a Bigfoot, and ghostly passengers appear in an airport.
13 Dire Wolf Attack and More
A prehistoric carnivore attacks, and a dog has a ghostly encounter.
14 Shadow Person and More
A shadowy entity terrorizes a family, and a brazen Bigfoot makes a scene.
15 Delaware Ghost Bridge and More
Friends test a local legend, and a UFO is spotted from a plane window.
16 Demonic Doll and More
A family is terrorized by a haunted doll, and a man encounters the Yowie.

About this show

A panel of experts analyze footage from some of the world's most eye-opening and terrifying paranormal videos. From poltergeist activity to lights in the sky, these firsthand accounts just might turn skeptics into believers.
35 reviews
A C Britt
April 6, 2020
Just wasted time watching S2 E11. This show is mind numbingly dumb. The sky fish or whatever y’all were reporting, take it from someone that has had infrared security cameras for YEARS, it is a spider’s web with eggs on it. You really need to try harder for footage because you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. And Mr. Shadow Figure in bed, that guy had plenty of time and fore knowledge to have a friend dress in black and lay there during the “tour” of his apartment. Now I understand why our World is currently going to Hell in a Handbasket. People are so gullible. The folks giving their “expert” opinions should NOT quit their day jobs. If they haven’t been laid off already.
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Stephanie Zeigler
August 27, 2021
In season 2 episode 11, the walking doll is called Patty Play Pal, it came out in 1959 as a large foll that walked with no batteries. You had to tip it a bit and bring it forward and it would walk. If you notice the husband didn't walk it the same as the wife did. I wrote one review but it doesn't seem to be showing up. I do love the show, and the commentaries, but they do need to do a bit of research on what they're seeing. But none of them look ad old as I am. I had one it was great!
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Holly Salem
October 9, 2020
I love Paranormal Caught on Camera I have Every Season and waiting for my next episode...I know some are hard to believe and can be debunked but there are a few that are very real.My whole family experience paranormal phenomenon every few months and experience phenomenon together. If we told people who haven't witnessed it they would think us insane or needing meds...Some of this stuff is very real folks and some not..It's up to you to decide...Have Fun!
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