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Season 10 episodes (24)

1 The Ring Cycle
Niles and Daphne fake two wedding ceremonies after eloping to Reno.
2 Enemy at the Gate(Mr. Beemer's Big Stand)
Frasier refuses to pay an unfair fee at a parking garage.
3 Proxy Prexy
Martin runs for condo board president and Frasier does all the work.
4 Kissing Cousin
Roz feels old when her twenty-something cousin comes to town.
5 Tales from the Crypt
Frasier plots revenge when Bulldog plays a Halloween prank on him.
6 Star Mitzvah
Frasier delivers a speech in Klingon at his son's Bar Mitzvah.
7 Bristle While You Work
Niles fears that his toothache is the symptom of a heart condition.
8 Rooms with a View(Part 2 to #225)
Niles' surgery brings about reflection of the past, present and future.
9 Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Niles has to step up to the plate after having a heart-rending scare.
10 We Two Kings
Niles and Frasier fight over who will host the family Christmas.
11 Door Jam
Frasier and Niles steal a neighbor's invitation to an elite spa.
12 The Harassed
A new financial analyst at the station gets Frasier in hot water.
13 Lilith Needs A Favor
Lilith comes to Seattle to ask Frasier to father another child.
14 Daphne Does Dinner
Daphne hosts a disastrous dinner party.
15 Trophy Girlfriend
Frasier dates a woman that reminds him of his mean gym teacher.
16 Fraternal Schwinns
Frasier and Niles learn how to a bike for a KACL charity event.
17 Kenny On The Couch
Frasier counsels Kenny after his painful divorce.
18 Roe to Perdition
Frasier and Niles strike a deal with an underground caviar supplier.
19 Some Assembly Required
Frasier volunteers to build a house for a Habitat Humanity project.
20 Farewell, Nervosa
Frasier and Niles boycott Cafe Nervosa when the owner hires a folk singer.
21 The Devil and Dr. Phil
Frasier gets jealous when Dr. Phil comes to Seattle.
22 Fathers and Sons
Martin fears that he isn't Niles and Frasier's biological father.
23 Analyzed Kiss
Frasier is baffled when Julia kisses him unexpectedly.
24 A New Position for Roz
Roz gets unusually jealous when Frasier starts dating Julia.

About this show

Frasier is a half-hour comedy series set in Seattle, WA, which chronicles the lives of an eloquently pompous radio show host Dr. Frasier Crane, his brazen radio producer Roz, his competitive, high-brow brother Niles, their crotchety father Martin and his quirky live-in nurse Daphne.

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94 reviews
Jaime Weetman
May 16, 2019
Absolutely hilarious! Brilliant actors, storylines and plot twists. I would say it got funnier as it progressed seasons, with season 11 being the best and funniest. I have given a 4 star rating because of the ridiculous cost of each season, £14.49 is absolutely absurd and rather takes the biscuit.. and for that reason I'd advise to buy the whole collection from CEX for £22. There are 11 seasons, each season contains 24 episodes, thats a whopping 264 episodes of pure hijinks and hilarity. Enjoy!
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Gordon Barnes
November 27, 2020
A 5* show Everything about the show from the characters to the sets is executed perfectly. Fantastic story lines throughout,. In most comedy series like this there is the odd bad episode or series but Frasier never lets you down, each series is as good if not better than the last. The only let down is with digital outlets like google and apple - Why cant i buy the entire collection like i can for most other series? It's ridiculous that each series is £14:49 (£160 for the lot!) when i can buy the DVD boxset for £30. I also was able to buy the entire collection (digital) of the US office for £25 the other day. Seems a bit odd that the same model isn't used for Fraser.. I would love to be able to watch episodes when commuting or travelling.
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Michael Carr
September 10, 2021
My favourite sitcom of all time. As a kid, everyone else wanted to watch Friends on a Friday night. For me, it was Frasier or nothing.
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