2014 • PBS
71 reviews
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Seasons 1-2 episodes (8)

1 Red Bones, Pt. 1
Elderly Shetlander, Mima Wilson, is found murdered on the archaeological site in the grounds of her croft. Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez and his team investigate. Can Perez unravel the family feuds and secrets that emerge and restore the security of his beloved Shetland Islands?
2 Red Bones, Pt. 2
With two murders and no strong leads, can Detective Inspector Perez and his team apprehend the suspect before crowds descend on the Shetland Islands for Up Helly Aa, the biggest fire festival in Europe?
3 Raven Black, Pt. 1
Old wounds are painfully reopened for the shocked residents of Ravenswick as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez and his team look to a past crime to solve the present day murder of a young teenage girl.
4 Raven Black, Pt. 2
Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez believes he and his team are finally closing in on the killer as they discover what 17 year old Catherine Ross was hiding from everyone in the hours before her death.
5 Blue Lightning, Pt. 1
Perez returns to his childhood home after the murder of a scientist on the beautiful island of Fair Isle. Tensions run high as a storm on the mainland forces Perez to work in isolation - and compels all of the suspects to remain together under one roof.
6 Blue Lightning, Pt. 2
Time is running out for Detective Inspector Perez as prime suspect, Peter Latimer, lies critically ill in hospital. Was the fire a drunken accident, or was Peter Latimer the second victim of a murderer still free on Fair Isle?
7 Dead Water, Pt. 1
When an old acquaintance of Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez dies in a suspicious car accident on the island, he wonders whether his journalist friend had uncovered a story that cost him his life.
8 Dead Water, Pt. 2
After a second body is found brutally murdered on Shetland, Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez wonders if the two killings are connected to corporate greed and corruption on the island or to just one woman - Evie Watt.

About this show

Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez solves crimes against the dramatic backdrop of the Shetland Islands. Not all is what it seems in this close-knit island community. Based on Ann Cleeves’s bestselling crime novels.
71 reviews
Jacqueline van Veldhoven
June 7, 2020
Excellent British detective series. Main character Jimmy Perez is thoughtful, controlled, highly honourable, occasionally intense, and always kind. Beautiful landscapes, lovely accents, likeable characters. The show is very atmospheric, and crimes are solved by talking, reasoning, and building rapport with the people surrounding the crime.
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Nick Kessler
March 24, 2021
Up until season 3 shetland was good. After that this show thrived on abuse, trauma and all sorts of depressing concepts and tendencies. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone seeking decent entertainment.
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A Google user
March 4, 2018
I rarely rewatch crime shows - but Shetland is absolutely excellent. I don't mind that I already know at this point 'who did it' but just love the mood the show portrays and the great & relatable acting. Can't wait for Season 4!
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