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Season 2 episodes (8)

1 Episode 1
Jamestown’s first baby brings joy to the settlement but the discovery of a terrible crime, throws suspicion upon new and old inhabitants. When Jocelyn’s position and influence in the colony comes under threat, she forges a surprising new connection.
2 Episode 2
The Rutters embark on a money making adventure which has brutal consequences. Pedro has a plan for advancement but it requires Jocelyn’s help. The Sharrows look for a way out of a compromising situation which Alice accidentally makes much worse.
3 Episode 3
A challenge from The Pamunkey leads to heartache for the Sharrows and tests Yeardley’s ability to defuse the conflict. Maria’s behaviour comes under scrutiny by Temperance whilst Christopher joins in the town’s political games to impress Jocelyn.
4 Episode 4
A ship spotted off shore heralds the arrival of James Read’s new wife. Jocelyn uses a devious plan to exploit the Sharrows’ special relationship with the Pamunkey for political gain and the Rutters face Massinger’s vengeance.
5 Episode 5
Secretary Farlow returns with an intriguing alchemist in tow, which leads to an unusual revelation. The Sharrows await their first tobacco profits from overseas, whilst Maria and Pedro seek help from the Rutters when they’re framed for a crime.
6 Episode 6
Yeardley reveals that the colony faces a new and potentially devastating threat, whilst Massinger finds himself in a vulnerable position. An eclipse darkens the sky and ghostly happenings finally out the Catholic spy and Samuel’s true murderer.
7 Episode 7
When Maria’s trust is betrayed, she runs away into the wilderness and leaves a life hanging in the balance. Silas and Henry make a business deal which compromises their principles, whilst Jocelyn forms a pact with a most unlikely ally.
8 Episode 8
Jocelyn uses secret intelligence to claim a stronghold in the town but Yeardley forms an audacious plan that will change life in Jamestown forever. Silas’ collusion with the Pamunkey comes to a head, as Jocelyn learns what it means to lose everything.

About this show

From the producers of Downton Abbey and writer Bill Gallagher comes Jamestown. This is the epic story of the first British settlers laying down the foundations for a New World and the start of the American dream. Jamestown is the tale of these pioneers as they establish a community whilst battling against the magnificent but inhospitable wilderness. 1619, Virginia. On what feels like the edge of the world sits the English colony of Jamestown. The settlement barely survived its first decade but is now on the brink of a new era with the arrival of Governor Sir George Yeardley. With him is a Charter granting land to the earliest male settlers in reward for their loyalty. He has also brought with him 90 women to 'make wives’. These women have been shipped over to encourage settlers to marry and ensure that the colony flourishes. Leaving behind a troubled past or searching for a better life, they join a settlement searching for its future. As this fledgling society evolves, we explore all that is good and ill about mankind, all set against the wild and beautiful backdrop of unspoilt Virginia.
7 reviews
January 14, 2020
This series is fantastic. Harsh at times but that was the era. Once you get over treatment of slaves the storyline was excellent and makes you feel like its exactly as life would have been. Love it.
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Deanne collins
May 24, 2020
Loved it hope they make more
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Jayne Isgro
January 9, 2019
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