Indian Summers

2015 • PBS
121 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (23)

1 Episode 1
Ralph Whelan and the rest of the Indian Civil Service begin the annual move to Simla.
2 Episode 2
Sarah becomes suspicious of Alice's past and begins some detective work.
3 Episode 3
It's the Sipi Fair in Simla, when the Indian community are allowed at the British Club.
4 Episode 4
There's much excitement in Simla as the Viceroy arrives for the first of his summer visits.
5 Episode 5
Ralph tries to take advantage of divisions among the Indian communities.
6 Episode 6
The pressure continues on Ralph as Jaya reveals the real reason for her visit to Simla.
7 Episode 7
Simla is buzzing as it prepares for the annual amateur dramatic production.
8 Episode 8
The British community turn out in force for the murder trial.
9 Episode 9
Madeleine is dealt some devastating news and Alice is terrified by Sarah's threats.
10 Episode 10
Ramu Sood's fate is left in Ralph's hands, and Alice and Aafrin prepare to go public.
101 PBS Previews: Indian Summers
PBS and Masterpiece talk with the creators and cast about the new series Indian Summers. Featuring interviews with Nikesh Patel (Aafrin), Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Ralph), writer Paul Rutman and Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton.
102 The Making of Indian Summers
The cast and crew of “Indian Summers” provide a special behind-the-scenes look on how the show was created.
103 Character Profile: Cynthia
Actress Julie Walters discusses her role as Cynthia Coffin in “Indian Summers”.
104 Character Profile: Ralph Whelan
Actor Henry Lloyd-Hughes discusses his role as Ralph Whelan in “Indian Summers”.
105 Character Profile: Aafrin
Actor Nikesh Patel discusses his role as Afrin Dalal in “Indian Summers”.
106 Character Profile: Alice Whelan
Actress Jemima West discusses her role as Alice Whelan in “Indian Summers”.
107 Character Profile: Madeleine
Actress Olivia Grant discusses her role as Madeline Mathers in “Indian Summers”.
108 Locations: The Club
Cast and crew discuss the thought process behind the impressive filming location created for The British Club in “Indian Summers”.
109 Locations: The Vice Regal Lodge
Cast and crew discuss the creation of the spectacular location for the set of the The Vice Regal Lodge in “Indian Summers”.
110 Locations: The Indian Quarters
Cast and crew discuss the authenticity and beauty of the filming location for The Indian Quarters set in “Indian Summers”.
111 Costume Design
Get an inside look at the epic costume designs featured in “Indian Summers”.
112 The Writing
The cast of “Indian Summers” discuss the captivating storylines and brilliant writing in the series.
113 The Empire
An inside look at the role of the British Empire and the inspiration for “Indian Summers” with Writer Paul Rutman.

About this show

Julie Walters stars as the glamorous doyenne of an English social club in the twilight era of British rule in India. Set in a subtropical paradise, Indian Summers explores the collision of the high-living English ruling class with the local people agitating for Indian independence. As the drama unfolds, the two sides alternately clash and merge in an intricate game of power, politics, and passion.

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121 reviews
Peter C. Frank (NiteStar)
September 28, 2017
Fantastic examination of the historical interactions among the classes in Britain's India as India herself comes into her own right as an independent nation, told through the lens of a group of loosely-acquainted friends connected through a web of love and politics. Well played, well-acted, beautifully filmed, and intensely portrayed, this is a series you won't want to miss.
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A Google user
December 11, 2016
Excellent character development. Great explorations of the nuisance of evil and good. Nice historical context. Perfect time period representation. Completely entertaining and drama ridden.
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Dawn Rogers
October 2, 2016
Visually, emotionally fascinating. Characters can be a bit repetitive. The story is an in-depth blending of two cultures with a bit of finesse!
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