The Witnesses

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Season 1 episodes (2)

1 The Watchtower
After receiving leaked documents Reporter Trey Bundy sets out to expose a cover up of child sexual abuse among the Jehovah's Witnesses. When he meets abuse survivors and an attorney fighting for justice he learns the conspiracy goes much deeper.
2 A Window For Justice
Trey's investigation leads him to a survivor whose own family helped hide her abuse. Another survivor reveals evidence that may trace back to a top Jehovah's Witnesses leader. Victims get an overdue shot at justice in New York State.

About this show

Through exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts, this shocking investigative special reveals the stories of four former Jehovah's Witnesses who share details of the sexual abuse they suffered during their time within the organization. Their testimonies paint a disturbing picture of a deeply flawed institution with guiding policies that may be helping to conceal the identities of potential child predators. This special follows investigative journalist Trey Bundy as he sets out to expose the institution's dark secrets and unveil a possible cover-up of child sexual abuse.

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9 reviews
Idk Idk
February 10, 2021
Sexual abusers are hiding everywhere, it's not fair to group in all the witnesses with these horrible men. I'm sorry that you were abused but most of us don't want this for anyone. This is just wrong.
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David Schilling
July 31, 2020
Way worse thing times ten happened in real life to the Jewish nation, God's nation. One king made his children walk through the fire. Solomon was sexually greedy and had 1000 wives and began bowing down to false stone statue god's. King David murdered his adultresses girl friends husband, but the point I'm making is this is not what makes that religion wrong. If you start a book club and ten of them are night stalking killers is that your book clubs fault? Ted Bundys can be in any religion, da
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eric Bomia
April 5, 2020
It's ok for priests to molest boys but when it comes to Jehovah's witnesses You want call them a cult, when theres almost 9 million baptized witness.
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