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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies
Lisa Ling dives into this world of youth, beauty, money, and sex. A host of websites have sprung up to match wealthy older men with young, attractive women. What are the true costs and benefits when sex, money, and power are on the line?
2 Unholy Addiction
In the past decade, deaths from prescription drug overdoses in Utah have increased 400%, and more residents die from overdoses than car accidents. Lisa Ling learns how this addiction has taken root in one of the most clean-living communities.
3 The Genius Experiment
More than 30 years ago, an eccentric millionaire had a solution for the decline of the human race- selectively breed children for intelligence. A visit with the progeny to find out if you can really engineer a generation of smart children.
4 Filthy Rich
The booming oil industry in North Dakota has created jobs and opportunity. At first, the oil fields lured predominantly men, but more women are seeking their fortunes there. Along with opportunity, there is hardship, hard labor, and danger.
5 Jungle Fix
Thousands of Americans are flocking to the Amazon rain forest to drink a psychedelic plant mixture called ayahuasca. Why are these tourists leaving home to travel deep into the jungle in search of a mind-bending trip that could prove fatal?
6 Road Strip
A road strip with four traveling dancers, who leave their homes in order to chase more profitable, or entertaining prospects. A glimpse inside the lonely motels and miles behind a wheel, to the night time strip scenes of glitz and sleaze.
7 Gay Rodeo
Lisa will explore the world of the International Gay Rodeo Association, which has over 5,000 registered members. Here in Sante Fe, they are bucking stereotypes, proving that you don't have to be straight to rope, ride, and wrestle a steer.
8 Called to the Collar
Lisa Ling visits a predominately Roman Catholic town to uncover why a growing number of young men are drawn to the priesthood. The call to God includes a lifetime of celibacy and often public scrutiny due to papal controversy and scandals.

About this show

Award-winning journalist Lisa Ling goes on a gritty, breathtaking journey to the far corners of America.

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8 reviews
Candy Kelly
November 3, 2021
Filled with information we don't get on the nightly news shows. Lisa could teach journalists how to interview without yelling and interrupting and not allowing answers from guests. She's a breath of fresh air. Smart, calm, great questions, and this segment was very interesting.
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ali baba
November 20, 2019
The Porn Addiction is real and its about time for society to accept it and start dealing with it . the episode was great .
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September 27, 2019
One of my favorites.
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