Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean

2012 • FUNimation
124 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 deep blue
Ao is one day away from starting middle school when his world begins to change. Scub Coral activity leads to Scub Bursts and mysterious G-Monsters. And when he picks up an odd bracelet, he finds himself drawn even deeper into these events.
2 AO's cavern
Fiercly adamant about not relinquishing the bracelet, Ao finds himself trying to pilot the Japan Armed Forces' military Flying Platform to fight the G-Monster and defend the island.
3 secret operation
Ao has always faced discrimination as a foreigner, but his newly revealed blue hair and involvement in the recent crisis spur the islanders to take action against him. And in the process, Ao learns more about his mother.
4 plant coral
With renewed resolve to fight to protect the island, Ao takes on the G-Monster with some help. And in the aftermath, Ao begins to learn that the world is more complicated than he had thought.
5 generation bleu
Having thrown in his lot with Generation Bleu, Ao returns with Team Pied Piper to their headquarters in Switzerland. There, he finds himself out of his element and struggling to figure out how he fits in to their plans.
6 noblesse oblige
Ao gets a taste of what it's like to be part of a real mission and a better sense of just how high the stakes are. Meanwhile, strange things are happening around the world, apparently driven by one mysterious individual.
7 bye bye angel
As this mysterious Truth wreaks havoc at Generation Bleu HQ, his motivations remain enigmatic, but they seem to have something to do with the Nirvash. And by extension, as Nirvash's pilot, with Ao.
8 blue thunder
Ao discovers how duplicitous adults can be and, along with Fleur, he rebels in his own way to stay true to what he believes is right.
9 enemy below
Having failed to obtain the Nirvash for their own use, Japan goes forward with a dangerous experiment to create a Coral plant for themselves. Generation Bleu sends Ao's team to stop them at all costs.
10 the pied piper of Hamelin
A Scub Burst occurs in the Arizona. Political complications keep Pied Piper on the sidelines while Truth's meddling creates a dangerous situation for Ao and Ivica.
11 mirror of the world
Pied Piper runs into an unusual situation where there is a confirmed Scub Burst, but no Secret in sight. They collect the Quartz and that seems to be the end of it, but strange things start to happen when they return to base.
12 heaven and earth
Pied Piper goes up into space to take care of a Secret that presents a threat to the satellites orbiting around Earth. As the mission unfolds, there are startling revelations in store for Ao.

About this show

13-year-old Ao Fukai unexpectedly finds himself piloting a robotic fighting machine -- the Nirvash -- after an organization known as "Secret" attacks his island. With his friend Naru, a girl with psychic powers, Ao heads into battle to protect his home.
124 reviews
Anthony Downey
August 25, 2016
This show is a perfect guide on how to make what is quite possibly the worst sequel of all time. Nevermind how most fans of the first show feel about it (with most reactions ranging between callous indifference and incomprehensible rage), even from the standpoint of being a sequel series, it fails on that account. It seems that someone had an idea for a series, and the producers just changed some facts and attached the Eureka Seven name to the show to give it a boost.
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David Howard
November 24, 2019
I loved the original series! OMG it was so good! This one was good too, but the whole timeline thing was a just wierd. At first, I thought it was set 20 years after the events of Eureka Seven; like re-colonization of the original Earth or something. But obviously not. The fact that this was set back in time was a bit confusing for me. That being said, Truth and the "time traveling" concepts were the two biggest of the few pet peeves I had on the show among other things. But its a decent spinoff.
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Gilgamesh (Vertiet Ryper)
October 14, 2015
The Original series, The Psalms of Planets: Eureka Seven, was literally one of the best stories of all time, and destroyed AO when it came to that. If only it wasn't one of a kind.
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