Blue Mountain State

2010 • Paramount Network
422 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 It's Called Hazing, Look It Up
Three incoming freshmen attending college football powerhouse Blue Mountain State University must quickly adapt to college life while juggling football, girls and nonstop hazing.
2 Craig Loses His Promise Ring in a Stripper
The team throws Craig a promise ring bachelor party, and the next morning he notices his ring is gone.
3 Pocket P***y
Thad brags that he doesn't need to get laid because of his Pocket P***y. One of the players steals Thad's PP and the team all take turns using it, not knowing that it is carrying syphilis.
4 Rivalry Weekend
Billy the goat mascot and Sammy are kidnapped by a rival school.
5 There's Only One Second Best
After too much slacking, Alex gets demoted to third string. He is ecstatic at first, but then realizes that the third stringers are a bunch of freaks.
6 The Drug Olympics
After losing two games in a row, the team participates in a Drug Olympics to exorcise their demons.
7 The Legend of Golden Arm
Recruitment week starts at BMS, and Alex tries to get the #1 quarterback recruit, Golden Arm, to commit to BMS so Alex won't ever have to start.
Alex unknowingly breaks a years-long truce between the football team and lacrosse team by hooking up with a lacrosse player's girlfriend, and a war ensues.
9 Midterms
Alex, Thad and some other players learn that they are failing and have to pass an upcoming test so they don't lose their eligibility.
10 Marathon Monday
Sammy, Alex and Craig participate (along with the rest of the school) in the Marathon Monday tradition of drinking for a full 24 hours.
11 Ransom
Alex gets fan mail from a guy who wants Alex to date his daughter.
12 Piss Test
The team finds out that they have to be drug tested, so they try to stay sober for three days but can't function normally.
13 Bowl Game
The team gets a bowl bid and heads to Louisiana for the game. Thad warns everyone of the tactics that the other team may use to sabotage BMS, including poisoning their food and sending their cheerleaders to seduce them.

About this show

Nothing is out of bounds in the first season of this SPIKE original comedy. At the center of the action are the Blue Mountain State Goats, the team with the nastiest sacks in all of college football. With a freshman lineup that includes a backup quarterback who'd rather party than play, a star running back who can't score with the ladies, and a team mascot who redefines "personal foul," will they be able to juggle football, girls, class and nonstop hazing? BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE Season 1 is the rudest, dirtiest comedy to hit the field.
422 reviews
Max Zamberlin
January 1, 2016
This is such a funny show!!! I cannot think of many comedies that even compare. There is a lot of sex/drug/alcohol etc. Humor. It pushes the limits as much, if not more than south park and its very original and u know what. Just buy it, or get it on Netflix. But whatever u do. WATCH IT NOW
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January 12, 2015
If you haven't seen this you need to watch it! This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The acting is well done. It's a show that will never grow old.
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Alex Boland
August 20, 2015
Love this show so much. It's not for everyone, but it sure as hell makes me laugh.
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