Team Knight Rider

1997 • NBC
78 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (22)

1 Fallen Nation
One of America's great military heroes, General Stephen Butler (Conrad Bachman), is taken hostage by a group of commandos who call themselves "Fallen Nation". He is forced to announce via video their plans to control the United States. Jenny (Christine Steel), who once served under General Butler, insists that Team Knight Rider mount a rescue mission, even before FLAG gives them a formal assignment.
2 The Magnificent TKR
Jenny (Christine Steele) and Domino pursue a black sedan driven by Jean-Claude Laval (Alan Gelfant), a former French government official who is wanted by the U.S. Government for grand theft, and three passenger vans carrying his desperados into Mexico. After taking out two of the vans, Jenny follows Jean-Claude and his gang into a small Mexican village.
3 The A List
When two corporate executives on the verge of changing their industries die in the same car accident, Kyle decides to have Team Knight Rider investigate. One of the men, Richard Norton (Chris Cote), had just perfected a process to coat metals with artificial diamonds, making them virtually indestructible. The other, Ronald Peters (Wesley Thompson), was about to release a device that could transmit one trillion bits of computer data per second. Both of these men created this technology while at a private think tank, but went public with their discoveries after leaving and going out on their own.
4 K.R.O.
Former Team Knight Rider head, James Marland (Alan Coates), calls Kyle (Brixton Karnes) to enlist the team's help in tracking down the wreckage of one of his corporation's planes carrying valuable records and equipment. While investigating the scene of the crash, Kyle and Jenny (Christine Steel) hear shots and find two stunned hunters. The two hunters thought they heard an animal but were instead attacked by a Ferrari sports car with no driver. One hunter had his gun hit by a laser that heated the gun and burned his hands. As Jenny helps him with her first aid kit, the hunter identifies the logo on the kit as the same TKR logo that was on the car.
5 Inside Traitor
After cornering a van that the team has been pursuing, Jenny (Christine Steel) attempts to apprehend the driver. As she fights the driver, she fails to notice that the passenger is behind her. Kyle (Brixton Karnes) tries to warn her, but he is too late. The hooded passenger shoots her, grabs the driver and jumps into another waiting van. Once inside the van, the gunman is revealed to be... Erica (Kathy Trageser).
6 Choctaw L-9
Keith (Doug Cox) and Ray (Richard Reetz) are military technicians working on the Choctaw L-9, the U.S. government's latest war helicopter, which is armed with missiles, rockets and a gun turret capable of machine gun and laser fire. Two pilots approach the Choctaw. When asked for identification, the pilots remove their helmets, revealing themselves as Miss Kassidy (Karen Steiner) and Miss Kari (Kara Steiner). They draw their guns and, and after forcing Keith and Ray face down on the ground, steal the Choctaw.
7 Everything to Fear
Jenny (Christine Steel) jogs along the remote cliffs as Domino waits in a nearby parking lot. A man jogs past Jenny, stops, turns, and begins to follow her. When she rounds a corner, she suddenly turns back and kicks him in the chest. The man tries to get his footing, but Jenny follows up with several blows, and just when she is about to deliver another, she falls and slides down the incline to the edge of the cliff. At the last second, the man pulls her up, and then steals her wrist communicator. She fights back but is startled when he says her name...
8 SkyOne
A group of terrorists disguised as delivery men sneak aboard SkyOne and knock Kyle (Brixton Karnes) unconscious. Domino alerts Jenny (Christine Steel) and Duke (Duane Davis) that the hijackers are on board and have captured Kyle.
9 The Iron Maiden
Jaspar Killian (David Ruprecht), CEO of Highland Enterprises, presides over the auction of his company's latest military hardware - the Exo-Trooper suit. As the demonstration of the Exo-Trooper's super strength begins, the three Exo-Troopers deflect a barrage of bullets and begin to attack the military reps who are part of the demonstration.
10 Oil and Water
As a couple drives down a freeway, a piercing tone starts to emanate from the radio speakers. The same sound can be heard coming from the other cars on the freeway and soon all cars begin to catch on fire then explode. A short time later, Team Knight Rider joins the crowds of officials that have swarmed the scene of the disaster. TKR discovers anything carrying gasoline within a 25 mile radius, including a gas station, has been damaged.
11 Et Tu, Dante?
Jenny (Christine Steel), Duke (Duane Davis) and Kyle (Brixton Karnes) work together to catch arms dealers in a high speed car chase. Meanwhile, a man with high-tech binoculars watches from his nearby wheelchair as the men are taken into custody. As he watches, he pushes the
button on a transmitter he holds in his lap making a bomb explode...
12 The Bad Seed
An armored truck with two security guards from E.D. Biotech Laboratories rolls down the road. Suddenly they come upon a jeep with a flat tire at the side of the road, surrounded by five beautiful women all in bikinis. When they stop to help, the women jump the guards, get the keys to the truck and take off. They have just gotten control of the Tanis root virus/1973, a biohazard level 4 compound, labeled "extreme danger."
13 Out Of The Past
Kyle (Brixton Karnes) pulls up in front of a seaside mansion in Dante. Inside the mansion, Paolo Caulderone (Armando Garza), a handsome South American developer is hosting a party. As Kyle enters, Paolo is presenting a scale-size model of a valley development project called El Baz Heights. With the help of Dante, Kyle breaks into a secured room containing a large gem...
14 The Return Of Megaman
A group of UFO watchers hops out of a van in the middle of the desert and looks at an object hurtling toward earth from the sky. When it lands, two of the UFO watchers approach the ship. When one of them speaks to the ship, a laser fires at the stunned group!
15 Angels In Chains
Jenny (Christine Steel) enters the SkyOne situation room and finds Erica (Kathy Trageser) trying to catch up on her case report writing. After reading over the summary of a previous case, Erica discovers that Jenny had endangered herself to save her, and the two share an awkward thank you. Meanwhile, as Kyle (Brixton Karnes) and Dante discuss the computer systems, a group of investigators from FLAG enters the room. They show Kyle a warrant and continue on to the computer room where they arrest Jenny!
16 The Blonde Woman
Team Knight Rider is in hot pursuit of Eve, an assassin responsible for multiple murders in several countries. Duke (Duane Davis) chases her along a deadlocked freeway as she weaves her motorcycle in and out of traffic. The Beast's monitor zooms in on the satchel she's carrying and verifies that she is carrying a liquid fusion bomb. Duke jumps out of Beast and starts chasing the cyclist, who drops her motorcycle and takes off running as well. Duke tackles her, knocking her unconscious, and discovers that "she" is actually a "he".
17 The Ixtafa Affair
Jenny (Christine Steel) is scaling the side of a cliff, talking to her boyfriend, Matthew (Drew Pillsbury) over her headset. As she reaches the top, a boot suddenly sends her flying back off the mountain until the rope catches. She swings back and fires up at the man with the boot. She reaches the top again only to come face-to-face with a rifle. Luckily, Matthew appears, subdues the guard and pulls Jenny onto the cliff. The two take out several more guards and hide in the bushes -- their mission complete?
18 A Home Away From Home
Team Knight Rider is tracking down Captain Zap, a computer hacker who has gotten right through Trek's security precautions and into F.L.A.G.'s central database. They've tracked Captain Zap's hideout to a foreboding high-rise building with no visible way in. Erica (Kathy Trageser) notices an open window off to the side on the fourth floor. Kyle (Brixton Karnes) orders her to stand guard while he, Duke (Duane Davis), Jenny (Christine Steel) and Trek (Nick Wechsler) head toward the building...
19 E.M.P.
A pair of security guards, Chuck (Jim Hudson) and Jay (Drew O'Connel), walk the halls of Miller Tech, a high-tech software company. When the lights begin to flicker oddly, Chuck tries to talk on his walkie talkie, but only gets static. Suddenly, the control panels on the wall begin to overload, sending a spray of sparks through the air. From the end of the hall, a multi-colored light glows. Both guards pull their weapons and begin edging down the hall. Chuck slips around the corner and a bolt of lightning slams him against the wall, knocking him unconscious. The light grows brighter and engulfs Jay...
20 Apocalypse Maybe
Wanda (Mary Bogne) and Bobby Shane Corbett (Mack Dryden) sit in their mobile home located in the desert watching the Reverend Ransom (Rod McCary) on their big screen TV. The Reverend has been telling his viewers the end is near and has predicted an earthquake will take place in the Arizona desert. Suddenly, the Corbett's mobile home starts to shake as an intense earthquake hits the area. Bobby thinks it's time to send the preacher some money.
21 Spy Girls
In a quiet suburban neighborhood, an unmarked surveillance van idles outside one of the houses. Inside the high-tech van are three women -- Emma Kane (Roberta Renaud), April Kelly (Felicity Waterman), and Josie Willis (Meredith Autry). Emma tells April that she will be seducing Fred Clemment (Dan Cashman), a retired FLAG official who is inside the house.
22 Legion of Doom
TKR receives a message from the mysterious informant Shadow (Steve Forrest) requesting a meeting. After arriving at the meeting place, Kyle (Brixton Karnes) and Jenny (Christine Steel) order the rest of the team to wait outside the building. Inside, they locate Shadow and he proceeds to tell them that all the crimes Mobius (David McCallum) has committed have been related.

About this show

This hip, ultra-cool update of the super-popular Knight Rider series features a team of operatives each equipped with a state of the art automobile to help them take on a whole new breed of outlaw. Five times the technology, five times the action, five times the fun! More is better.
78 reviews
AJ Dandino
April 16, 2017
I wish it lasted more than 1 season! Was one of the rare occasions when a reboot was actually good.
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Keith Anthony Noel
November 9, 2015
All it took was one man to get the job done Michael night and then he had formed an organization called TKR and now they have for new cars and hopefully Glen Larson will produce another series if not someone else Godspeed
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Eliza Barry
January 2, 2017
Awesome show! Too bad it only lasted for one season. 😑
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