Mr. Pickles

555 reviews
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Season 3 episodes (11)

1 Brain Download
Grandpa found his dead wife alive with Mr. Pickles. Now, Mr. Pickles' dark secrets are in jeopardy when Tommy attempts to download his Grandma's memories.
2 Momma's Boy
When Mr. Bojenkins finds that Sheriff is a momma's boy, he decides to teach Sheriff how to be a man.
3 S.H.O.E.S
Tommy tries to protect a strange new friend from a military group that is out to capture him.
4 Telemarketers Are the Devil
When Mr. Goodman and his co-workers are kidnapped from Telemarketing Corp., he winds up the property of a farm owner who has a vendetta against telemarketers.
5 Gorzoth
When Linda goes on a shopping spree, she winds up on the run from a zombie-like mob of homeless people that want her money.
6 Tommy Goes to School
At Tommy's first day of school, he must climb the social pyramid to get the girl he likes.
7 Sheriffs
Sheriff guest stars on the crime fighting reality show, Sheriffs.
8 Bullies
When Mrs. Goodman confronts the parents of Tommy's bullies, they dump their out-of-control kids with her for the day.
9 Tommy's Cartoon
Tommy sets out to make his own cartoon show but finds it harder than he thought.
10 Season 3 Finale
Grandpa's path to moving out and starting a new life away from Mr. Pickles leads him down dangerous roads.
101 Season 3 Sneak Peek
Check out this sneak peek of Mr. Pickles, Season 3!

About this show

The Goodman family lives with their lovable pet dog, Mr. Pickles, a deviant border collie with a secret satanic streak.
555 reviews
Blakk kat
February 18, 2020
I never make reviews but i just had to speak my mind because nobody has ever talked about this show or gave any type of review on youtube any other social media website, and people who are giving bad reviews are just little timmy's saying how bad the show is because of it being satanic. But this show was a complete disapointment and a waste of time, the jokes are not even funny sometimes they go on for too long. It looks trashy and has alot of grossiphilia the newer episodes feel like spin off.
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Oliver Ray
July 16, 2018
At first it may seem that the show is a bit too over the top but then you realize that the creators got the craziness just right. I thought I'd hate it, now I love it. And yes there are satanic symbols in the show, but they're not subliminal like some religious weirdos would have you think, they're very much in the open. If you're overly sensitive to that sort of thing, then this show's not for you.
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DosRandom 8Guys
August 13, 2017
This show isn't for adults. It's for the 12 year olds who watch shows they're not supposed to just because they think that if a show is for adults, it's therefore funnier. Mr. Pickles is disgusting, mean-spirited, low-budget puke on a cinema roll that makes Brickleberry look like a masterpiece (said show is a South Park and Family Guy clone, both of which are far funnier than either one). Needless to say, stop doing drugs, Adult Swim, and make shows on par with Family Guy or South Park in quality!!
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