The Wire

2002 • HBO
275 reviews
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Season 2 episodes (12)

1 Ebb Tide
In the Season Two premiere, Det. Jimmy McNulty--exiled to police-boat duty--finds the body of a woman floating in the Baltimore harbor. Meanwhile, Bodie drives to Philly to make a connection for the Barksdale crew.
2 Collateral Damage
Major Valchek gets back at Sobotka for the church gift fiasco and a feud begins; Avon Barksdale continues to run his empire from a prison cell; On the waterfront, port cop Beatrice Russell investigates the contraband found in The Greek's container.
3 Hot Shots
Bunk and Freamon chase their crime scene, a container ship, to Philly, where none of the crew finds it useful to speak English. Lt. Cedric Daniels--disgusted with his exile to the evidence control unit--lets it be known he's going to leave.
4 Hard Cases
Sobotka reprimands his nephew Nick for stealing the cameras and orders him to bring the cargo back--too late. McNulty is on a self-assigned moral mission to identify his floater, but his old partner, Bunk, says they have a more pressing matter.
5 Undertow
Ziggy loses his prized Camaro to drug dealers who aren't buying his alibis about not paying up. Unable to dump the homicide investigation on other police agencies, Col. Rawls measures Bunk for the blame, if the cases go unsolved.
6 All Prologue
Trying to let go of work and return to his marriage, McNulty gives up on identifying his Jane Doe. In their investigation of Sobotka, the detectives discover a pattern and explain the connection to Daniels, but he still won't take the murders.
7 Backwash
Sobotka gives his lobbyist grief over the status of port legislation. Russell tells Sobotka the investigation is over, but a port computer is cloned, and when a container goes missing, the detectives follow.
8 Duck and Cover
McNulty is back to his old self, on a drunken binge. Urged by fellow stevedores to fight Maui, Ziggy is again humiliated, but has a moment later at the bar. Worried about McNulty, Bunk tries to get Daniels, and Rawls, to take him on.
9 Stray Rounds
Bodie's effort to improve sales ends disastrously, forcing Bell to rethink his strategy. Ziggy, duck in tow, pulls Johnny Fifty into a new caper that should have the Greeks paying off big. McNulty, undercover and outnumbered, awaits 'rescue.'
10 Storm Warnings
The Detail uses satellite technology to its advantage. Bodie is unhappy that Proposition Joe's people are slinging on his turf, but business flows--until a new face from New York arrives. Stringer Bell looks to an unlikely solution to the problem.
11 Bad Dreams
With the clock ticking, the Detail makes a desperate move, and Daniels reams out Landsman for dropping the ball. Nick's deceit is in the open as Sobotka is overwhelmed by bad news.
12 Port in a Storm
In the Season Two finale, the Detail has a setback, and needs a new cooperator, while Russell and Bunk visit Philly, looking for evidence. Brother Mouzone talks with Stringer Bell regarding their agreement, leaving Bell to deal with Avon Barksdale.

About this show

HBO presents this highly realistic and totally unvarnished drama series that chronicles the vagaries of crime, law enforcement, politics, education and media in Baltimore.

Rating: 18A
275 reviews
A Boston
April 13, 2016
Reality tv ruined tv. HBO (then AMC, Netflix and Hula fixed it; that shitass drive to the bottom (espoused by careless trump)). "The wire" is evidence that tv can be -- and now regularly is -- more worthwhile than movies. a single season and sometimes even more can flush out a character that is simply wanting in a single cinema sitting. i think its the earnest of the wire that pulls out the best from the actors that landed their career in this boundary pushing drama. season 1 is all awesome; season 2 starts off weak until mcnulty smacks his ride and bags a local teen; season 3 is a criminologists wet dream that is based on the hastings st drug bazaar. the working class (generally the police) and the lower classes (the gangstas) both fall under scrutiny in a sympathetic yet critical lens. both sides have problems. the camaraderie between races is simply not seen enuff in media. man this thing is a sweet velvet ride. i tip my hat to all those involved in this, the best tv series ever made.
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Camille Semaan
March 14, 2016
... everything else feels weak. The Wire is a Shakespearian endeavor, and it is brilliantly accomplished: language, social commentary, political analysis, suspense, story-telling, writing, directing, characters, it is all on a far far away higher level than anything else I have seen. I have to admit, I never valued TV until this, but then watched a lot of series in search of another gem, alas, this is really so unique, a most pleasant aberration! Finishing my second straight run of the whole series now, and I can say: flawless.
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Jonathan Mesiano-Crookston
May 2, 2015
Simply the best TV that's out there. Especially season one. This is character driven TV at its best, and you will come to love and hate them each as individuals. Plot and character development through their ordeals is all extremely realistic. If you like Breaking Bad, this is better. 'Nuff said.
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