The Curse of Oak Island

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Season 3 episodes (13)

1 The Hole Truth
As Rick and Marty Lagina return to Oak Island, they discover that not only does borehole 10-X contain even more secrets than previously thought
2 Pipe Down
After scanning sonar has corroborated Dan Blankenship's long held belief that a chamber 235 feet down 10-X may contain wooden posts, side tunnels, a chest and even human remains, Rick and Marty Lagina along with their partners begin clearing the shaft.
3 Time to Dig
Rick and Marty Lagina bring heavy digging equipment to the island and their first target is where a researcher claims the treasures of the Knights Templar lie buried.
4 The Overton Stone
After locating the original Money Pit, Rick and Marty Lagina examine an ancient stone carving that may help prove that Portuguese explorers with connections to the Knights Templar are behind the Oak Island mystery.
5 Disappearing Act
While prepping for a diver to explore the bottom of 10-X, Rick and Marty Lagina arrange to send an ROV camera down the shaft, which reveals evidence that could threaten their entire operation.
6 Carved in Stone
Rick Lagina, Jack Begley and Dave Blankenship are looking for the missing H.O. stone a mysterious carved stone that was part of a larger boulder on the north shore that searchers blew up in the 1800's wrongly believing there might be treasure beneath it.
7 The Missing Peace
Rick and Marty Lagina make an exciting discovery after forging a truce with Dan Blankenship's longtime rival, Fred Nola.
8 Phantoms of the Deep
While back in Michigan on business, Marty Lagina, his son Alex and Craig Tester meet with divers and side scan sonar experts Mike Roberts and Dave Delaney to discuss an upcoming operation they intend to conduct in the waters surrounding Oak Island.
9 Columbus Day
Rick and Marty Lagina meet a researcher who connects Christopher Columbus to the Oak Island mystery.
10 Silence in the Dark
Rick, Marty and their partners obtain a mysterious sword that could connect the Roman Empire to the Oak Island treasure hunt.
11 Sword Play
After getting lab results concerning the mysterious Roman sword, Rick, Marty and the team meet with a pair of treasure hunters who believe the Oak Island treasure lies north of the Money Pit.
12 Voices from Below
Rick and Marty discover a mysterious 20-foot high void deep inside the Money Pit just before diver John Chatterton successfully reaches the bottom of borehole 10-X.
13 Secrets and Revelations
Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina finally get answers from the bottom of borehole 10-X just before making an incredible discovery deep inside the Money Pit.

About this show

In 1795, three teenage boys discovered a strange, man-made hole on Oak Island, a small, wooded island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. As the boys began to dig, they found a number of intriguing artifacts. It was the end of the piracy era and rumors of buried treasure were rampant. The boys' discovery launched a treasure hunt that has spanned more than 200 years, cost millions of dollars and involved dozens of speculators, engineers and even famous personalities such as John Wayne, Errol Flynn and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
7 reviews
Wolfgang Stummvoll
April 2, 2022
I absolutely love this documentary, the Boys Rick and Marty are always determined to get as close as possible to where they know the treasure is, but the coin drop into the plastic pipe definitely shows that the vault has moved over time, and the swamp is revealing some interesting finds, the Boys are correct in thinking about how you would remove a gallion, it's obvious you burn it and the metal ship components prove that they were heated to a very high temperature, the swamp will reveal a lot more as they are only scraping the surface. I really can't wait to watch Season 8 here in Australia, the documentary is absolutely riveting, keep up the good work as I have my fingers crossed for your success.
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Shawn Woods
April 1, 2022
Hooked on the show very interesting great information and knowledge addictive viewing for the brothers to be living your dream is awesome for them I hope they find what they need to not just for wealth but for knowledge and proof of the historical side of their search and quests for knowledge and I would have to thìnk it would be the greatest find in history for the world today and to see the team go down in the history books as the ones to complete the story of those who laid the foundation
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April 1, 2021
So addictive that now I gotta find a way to see season 5 in Oz!
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