Winx Club

2014 • Nickelodeon
121 reviews
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Season 5 episodes (12)

1 The Lilo
The Winx and Trix race to find the Lilo, a magic plant, which will bloom for the first time in centuries. When the people of Gardenia stand up for the Winx, the Winx are able to defeat the Trix and the Lilo blooms.
2 The Spill
In the kingdom of Andros, Aisha's Uncle Neptune plans to make his son Nereus Crown Prince. The ceremony is disrupted when Nereus' twin Tritannus attacks, and is sent to the prison of Andros where he meets the Trix.
3 The Rise of Tritannus
The Winx hold a benefit concert to raise money to clean up from Earth's oil. Tritannus absorbs the spill's pollution, transforming him into a monster. He and the Trix escape the prison, setting off to rule the magic dimension.
4 Return to Alfea
The Winx learn that to defeat Trtiannus, they must gain a new power; Sirenix. Bloom's sister Daphne warns Bloom of the dangers of Sirenix. But when looking for the book of Sirenix, another danger threatens Bloom's future.
5 The Sirenix Book
The Winx use Tecna's tech-savvy skills to find the Sirenix Book, but the Trix meddle with the Winx' search. When Tritannus learns of the Winx' mission to achieve Sirenix, he too, seeks to obtain it.
6 The Power of Harmonix
The Winx compete in the Challenge of Graynor, in hopes of winning a power that will help them open the Book of Sirenix. Will they be able to identify and protect Graynor's most beloved creature?
7 The Shimmering Shells
The Winx face their first challenge of Sirenix and obtain the gem of self-confidence. Meanwhile, the Trix and Tritannus' mutants attack Gardenia in order to spread more pollution.
8 Secret of the Ruby Reef
A musical riddle from the Sirenix book sends the Winx to Melody, but Tritannus throws a monstrous wrench in their plan. The Winx' quest for the two remaining gems continues...
9 The Gem of Empathy
With Tritannus on their tail, the Winx travel to Zenith to obtain the Gem of Empathy. Musa and Flora stay back to watch over a very temperamental Stella. Time is running out for the Winx to complete their quest.
10 Trix Tricks
The Trix and Tritannus torture Daphne to find out how to get Sirenix, then crash the Redfountain Windrider competition. Meanwhile the Winx go to Lynphea to find the Flower of Depths and a clue to the Gem of Courage's location.
11 Test of Courage
The Winx leave the Domino Renewal Ceremony to find the Gem of Courage. Meanwhile, the Trix invade the ceremony and it's up to Sky to remember how to fight and protect.
12 Sirenix
Tritannus uses Oritel and Marion as bait to learn more about Sirenix from Daphne. With their three gems and the power of Sirenix at their fingertips, the Winx prepare to enter an incredible and new frontier as fairies.

About this show

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Aisha are BFFs who attend Alfea College for Fairies. Together they study hard, hang out, and when faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from evil.
121 reviews
Mathilda Streets
May 27, 2015
Series one and two together are series 3, three and four are 4, and five and six are 5. Where are series 1 and 2 and 6 since it has been out a while. Love the show though
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Jeong Chae Bae
September 19, 2015
My fav is bloom and Stella they are epic as well as Tecna, Flora, Aisha, Musa and Roxie. But I would love be to be a winx fairy with blooms power Stellas style Tecnas smarts Aisha's ability to connect with water Flora's nature skills musas musical abilities and Roxies ability to connect with animals and some of my own as well.
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Manuela Wootten
March 20, 2015
I love Winx Club and I am such a big fan of Winx. My all time favourite character is Bloom fairy of the dragon flame. I know everything there is to know about Winx club. Sometimes I think I am Bloom. Love you Winx 🔥🔥🔥🔥💎💎💎💎💎💎
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