The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes

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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Hotel Homicide
Paul Holes and Yolanda McClary investigate a double homicide that's left a small town in Iowa spooked for nearly forty years. But his quest to bring justice to the families of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkison will lead him to an unexpected discovery.
2 Killer Secrets
Paul Holes and Loni Coombs investigate the murder of Kay Wenal, wife of a millionaire businessman. She's killed in her home in the middle of the afternoon. Was this a financially-motivated crime or did Kay have a secret life that led to her death?
3 Taken in the Night
Paul Holes and Yolanda McClary take on the unsolved murder of Sarah DeLeon, a young woman brutally stabbed to death on her way home from her boyfriend's house. Why did Sarah get out of her car that night? Was this a random act or was she targeted?
4 Lover's Triangle(s)
Paul Holes and criminal behavioral analyst, Laura Richards, journey to Butte, MT to tackle the 1994 murder of Julianne Stallman who was killed after a violent encounter. A long list of close personal relationships adds up to an elaborate whodunnit.
5 Killer Roommate
Paul Holes takes on one of his most puzzling cases yet when he investigates the murder of Oakey "Al" Kite. In 2004, a man using the alias, Robert Cooper, contacted Al about a room for rent, but all he was really looking for was someone to kill.
6 Murder at the Convent
In 1977, Sister Robin Elam was enjoying a beautiful afternoon on convent grounds when she was brutally murdered. Paul Holes arrives in Wheeling, WV to find answers. Was this a crime of opportunity or was Sister Robin killed by someone she knew?
7 Voice of a Killer
In 2003 in Atlanta, a voicemail captures a young and successful businesswoman Jennifer Clemmings' last moments, along with the voice of her unidentified killer. Paul Holes and Loni Coombs are on the hunt to find the brutal murderer.
8 Killer Connection
In 2002, 27 year old, Tamekia Taylor, was murdered in her home as she dressed for a holiday party. Her crime scene resembles another Atlanta murder victim, Jennifer Clemmings, killed less than 2 months later. Paul Holes and Loni Coombs investigate.
9 High School Homicide
In 1974, 17 year old Carla Walker's reported abduction out of the arms of her boyfriend sent a Texas town on a massive manhunt. She was discovered murdered in a culvert three days later. Paul Holes interviews the only witness, Carla's boyfriend.
10 Friend or Foe
In 1998, Kathleen Heisey, an elementary school principal, is discovered dead inside her home. Paul Holes investigates this shockingly provocative and brutal scene that sent shockwaves through Bakersfield, California.

About this show

Paul Holes is a scientist, seasoned investigator, and a true crime heartthrob, one who even has the capture of an alleged elusive serial killer behind his belt. But while it appears from the outside that Holes could have been dreamed up by a Hollywood screenwriter creating a role for the next gritty crime thriller, the retired Contra County investigator's contribution to criminal justice is no work of fiction. Holes is most famously credited with tracking down suspected Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo in 2018 after more than two decades spent hunting the man suspected of killing at least 13 people and committing more than 50 rapes throughout California. And after retiring in 2018, Holes has continued to lend his investigative skills to major cases across the country. Holes was part of the team that re-examined the mysterious death of Rebecca Zahau in Oxygen Media's "Death At The Mansion: Rebecca Zahau," which aired in summer 2019, and joined forces with journalist Billy Jensen for "The Murder Squad" podcast released earlier this year. During the podcast, the two investigators work closely with law enforcement agencies to take a fresh look at open cases, even asking for the public's help to solve the murders featured in the series.
8 reviews
Jason Panutsos
October 20, 2019
People giving this 2 stars don’t really have the respect for this man. Paul Holes is really amazing. He is partly responsible for the capture of the Golden State Killer. He makes connections years later that stumped previous detectives and investigators. This show is the absolute best!! Don’t listen to the haters, this man is just getting started.
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October 15, 2019
It's okay it could be badder but you did your best now quite now that you are behind don't make the same mistakes trying to do better.just quite don't be stupid you already made your self look like a fool stupid.😎
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deborah elliott
June 6, 2020
Good show!
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