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Hightown - Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Love You Like a Sister
We meet Jackie Quiñones, a National Marine Fisheries Agent hungover on the job. Her partner, Ed Murphy, ribs her, but it's clear that in Provincetown, everything's just a little more "relaxed." They catch a couple violations on townie Junior McCarthy's boat, but Jackie's ready to party. So, Junior gets off with a verbal, and Jackie goes out on the town. She's right at home in all the nooks and crannies of P-Town, from the gay clubs to the gritty fisherman dives - anywhere she can find women, booze, a little coke. But that changes when Jackie stumbles across a body washed up on the beach - Sherry Henry's body.
2 Severely Weatherbeaten
A week into her sobriety, Jackie's living it up in rehab - sure, there's no booze, but that doesn't stop Jackie from engaging in her addiction to women. But everything is up-ended when Jackie sees a photograph of Krista Collins. Jackie recognizes Krista's necklace: Sherry was wearing the same one when Jackie found the body. Jackie's certain this is a sign she needs to act. Against common sense and her therapist's advice, she checks out of rehab, determined to help Krista - determined to do something. When life on the outside proves to still be a bitch, Jackie hits up a local AA meeting, and is surprised to find her friend Junior there. Junior's got a few months of sobriety under his belt - but, unbeknownst to Jackie and anyone else, his recovery is complicated by the fact that he's still working for Frankie Cuevas. When Jackie confesses that she left rehab in order to solve Sherry's murder, Junior knows things could get dangerous for both of them, and fast.
3 Rebellion Dogs
Jackie returns to outpatient rehab under the guise of her own recovery -- but she's really there to gather further intel on Krista. And she hits pay dirt: she gets the name and location of Krista's sugar daddy, Anthony Delviccario. Junior's been avoiding Osito at all costs since bungling Sherry's body, so when Osito finds him, Junior's ready for a beat down. Turns out, Osito's not mad. He just needs to help change Junior from the softie he is into a soldier like himself. Ray does his damndest to follow through on the Osito leads he has, but finds himself stymied at every turn - until he lucks out, and pulls over a junkie driving under the influence. Needing the win, Ray manipulates the kid into becoming yet another CI, but the victory is somewhat hollow.
Finally Jackie gets some wins. Following up on her lead about Krista's sugar daddy, Jackie puts the screws to Anthony Delviccario, and gets the name of the hotel Krista's staying at. Krista's not there, but Jackie leaves her phone number, hoping against hope the missing girl will reach out. And that's when Jackie gets a call that completely changes her attitude - while she's still on thin ice at work due to her DUI case, she's needed back on the job ASAP. Turns out, the NMFS have a massive sting, or 'Big Fucking Operation,' set up, and need all the help they can get. Jackie's in her investigative element at the BFO, and winds up being the lynchpin in bringing down their suspect. Walking on air, Jackie joins her colleagues at the bar that night for a celebratory drink. Will her sobriety hold up?
5 The Best You'll Feel All Day
Jackie wakes up in a world of hurt. Hungover and torn up over breaking her sobriety, Jackie's got no idea what to do except go back to the bottle. She's anxious to hear from Krista, desperate to save this girl she's finally gotten so close to finding. But treating her hangover with some hair of the dog spins out into a debaucherous night of more drinking, some coke, and a whole lot of regret. And unfortunately for Jackie, and especially Krista, Jackie's not the only one searching for the missing girl. Word has gotten back to Frankie that Krista witnessed Sherry Henry's murder, and he orders Osito - and Junior - to take care of the problem. Junior wants nothing to do with murder, but he's got no choice but to go along for the ride with Osito to their suppliers in New Bedford to purchase carfentanyl, a powerful opioid that will ensure Krista overdoses. But the whole operation quickly goes sideways when Junior doesn't have it in him to murder Krista.
6 The White Whale
Jackie doubles down on her investigation, visiting both Renee and Frankie to collect intel, but Junior starts spinning out. Traumatized by the horrible things he's done, Junior leans into the one thing that still makes sense - dealing. Ray hits a breakthrough when low-level dealer Scotty links Osito directly to the string of Frankie-related murders, and brings Osito into the station for questioning, hoping he'll be able to leverage Scotty's intel to get Osito to flip on Frankie. Osito stands tall, refusing to give Ray even an inch. But Ray's got something else to go on - a picture of Osito, and his "white boy" accomplice on their way to Krista's murder. Renee feels ever closer to Ray, their relationship blossoming into something deep and real. When Jackie follows up on an unsettling hunch, she finds out that Junior's boat was nearby at the time and place of Sherry's murder. Jackie's forced to suspect that her friend Junior is none other than Osito's "white boy" accomplice.
7 Everyone's Got A Cousin In Miami
Jackie confirms her suspicions about Junior, but there's no time to mourn her friend's betrayal. Now that Ray and the rest of his team are hot on Osito and Junior's trail for the murder, Frankie wants Junior dead. Their goals aligned, it's finally time for Jackie and Ray to team up. With the two of them racing against Osito to track Junior down, the walls are finally closing in on Junior, one way or another...
8 #Blessed
Jackie and Ray both try to return to business as usual, without much success. Osito's suspected to be back in the Dominican Republic, and Ray's case stalls out. Jackie's back to her old tricks, drinking herself silly, sleeping with a new woman every night, all in an attempt to stuff down her own pain and guilt over Junior's death.

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Set in beautiful but bleak Cape Cod, "Hightown" follows one woman's journey to sobriety, overshadowed by an unfolding murder investigation. Jackie Quiñones, a hard-partying National Marine Fisheries Service agent, has her free-wheeling life thrown into disarray when she discovers a body on the beach - another casualty of Cape Cod's opioid epidemic. To deal with the trauma, Jackie takes the first steps toward sobriety- until she becomes convinced it's up to her to solve the murder. Now at odds with sergeant Ray Abruzzo, an abrasive but effective member of the Cape Cod Interagency Narcotics Unit, Jackie starts to spiral. And she's not alone - Ray himself crosses more lines than he can count in the name of the investigation. The two of them, along with everyone else connected to the murder, all circle each other, and as their lives crash together, we're reminded just how complicated - and deadly - our addictions can be.
4 reviews
Bill Huiet
January 12, 2021
Can't wait for season 2 shot in my current Town Wilmington North Carolina
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August 14, 2020
Where's the 1st episode of the season???
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Amy Hendrickson
May 23, 2022
Cause i like monica raymund
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