Shazam!: The Complete Live-Action Series

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Season 1 episodes (15)

1 The Joyriders
Chuck Wagner tended to "go along with the crowd" rather than speak up for what he believed in, where his buddies were concerned. However, when Chuck's buddies decided to steal cars and ride around in them for fun, Chuck and his buddies learned a valuable lesson in honesty with the aid of Captain Marvel.
2 The Brothers
Billy must reveal his identity as Captain Marvel in order to save the life of Danny Martin, who has been bitten by a rattle snake and is lost in the wilderness. The only person who can "show" Captain Marvel the way to the stricken boy is Danny's younger brother, Chad Martin, who is blind.
3 Thou Shalt Not Kill
Billy has difficulty finding a lawful way to stay the execution of a beautiful, high-spirited horse named Beckett, who has been ordered destroyed. Lynn Colby loves Beckett and is willing to do anything, even break the law, in order to save Beckett from destruction. Lynn's father, Sheriff Colby tries in vain to find a solution. However, with Captain Marvel's help Beckett's life is spared, not once, but twice!
4 The Lure Of The Lost
Holly's efforts to help her brother Gary, get out of trouble, backfire and put Gary in more jeopardy than ever. Gary has been "delivering" drugs for a man named Brok, but now Cary sees how wrong he has been and tells the police all he knows in the hopes of putting Brok away for good. Without the evidence--which Holly destroyed--the police have no case against Brok. Now Brok is after Gary to "keep him quiet." Part one of a two-part episode that concludes with "The Road Back."
5 The Road Back
Billy's new friend, Gary has told the police all he knows about the drug operation--which Gary had been part of--headed by Brok. Gary's friend, Mark is actually helping Brok track down Gary so that Brok can "keep Gary quiet." However, Gary has been able to get new evidence against Brok--with the help of Billy and Mentor--to replace the evidence Gary's sister, Holly destroyed. But it is Captain Marvel's able assistance that enables Gary to get the evidence to the authorities in one piece. Part two of a two-part episode that begins with "The Lure of the Lost."
6 The Athlete
Kellie's chances of tyring out for the varsity track team seem to be thwarted through the connivances of Bob and Jack. Neither male member of the track team wants to give the athletic girl a chance to make the team. Although their plot against Kellie results in getting her suspended from the tryouts, they have also endangered her chance of getting a college scholarship. Through the efforts of Billy, Mentor, Tommy and Captain Marvel, Kellie's name is cleared.
7 The Treasure
Valuable Indian artifacts are being pilfered by a couple of unsavory characters until an Indian boy and his grandfather combine forces with Billy, Mentor and Captain Marvel. The joint efforts of our group result in the apprehension of the thieves and the restoration of the artifacts.
8 The Boy Who Said "No"
Rather than "get involved," Larry Burns claims to have seen nothing when questioned about the robbery he has seen Ron Craig commit. However, Larry soon discovers that he is "involved" a good deal more than he cares to be when Craig threatens Larry's parents and Larry appeals to Billy and Mentor for assistance.
9 The Doom Buggy
With the aid of Billy, Mentor and Cathy Moore, Don Richards learns several lifesaving lessons when he and Billy become stranded in the desert. Billy's knowledge impresses Don to the point where Don reverses his previous decision to quit high school and pursue a career in auto mechanics without his formal education completed.
10 The Brain
Jimmy Carter, a studious, not-too-athletic boy of 15 alienates the kids in his new neighborhood when he pulls silly pranks to gain attention and hopefully, make friends. The neighborhood "leader," Greg Mason dreams up an "exciting" initiation for Jimmy that nearly costs Greg and Jimmy their lives. However, Jimmy's new friend, Billy/Captain Marvel saves both boys from certain danger.
11 Little Boy Lost
The love that 9-year-old Howard feels for a puppy helps the boy to understand the love his father, Sam, feels for Howard. The faint glimmerings of this understanding enable Howard to find the help necessary--Billy, Mentor and Captain Marvel--to save his father's life.
12 The Deliquent
Billy persuades Frank Carlin, a dedicated camp counselor, to let Billy teach a survival course to the boys at camp. The plan is devised to enable Billy to "draw out" Norm, a smart-alecky 13-year-old with low self-esteem and no friends, and, hopefully, help Norm like himself enough to begin to like others. The plan nearly backfires on Billy, when he must trust his new friend with his life.
13 The Braggart
Alan Chandler is a likeable boy of 14, but feels inferior to his peers unless he gains the center of attention by telling one of his fantastic tales. Most of the lies Alan tells seem small and harmless. However, Billy demonstrates to Alan the truth in these words of a wise man: "If a person makes one mistake, then lies to hide it, he has made two."
14 The Past Is Not Forever
Jackie feels that his past mistake of robbing a gas station will always "loom" over his life even though he'd spent the required amount of time in a reform school for his offense. Jackie's girl friend, Mellie, together with Billy and Mentor try to convince Jackie that his "past is not forever and that people will trust him if given a chance. Before their lesson can come home, Jackie is framed for a gas station robbery committed by Mellie's brother, Vinnie. Even though Mellie helps Jackie prove his innocence, the young "Romeo and Juliet" are not out of danger yet. Part one of a two-part episode that concludes with "The Gang's All Here."
15 The Gang's All Here
As soon as Vinnie has been released from jail on bail, he organizes his gang to "get some business settled" with Jackie, the boy Vinnie tried to "frame" with the gas station robbery Vinnie committed. Jackie has had his fill of fighting and wants no part of the vendetta. Jackie's new friend, Billy is determined to help both boys settle things between them. In the end, however, it is Jackie who manages the detente between the two forces. Part two of a two-part episode that begins with "The Pst is not Forever."

About this show

By uttering a single magic word young Billy transforms himself a mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel. The acronym of the first letters of the names of the six elders who train Billy with their respective special gifts: Solomon, wisdom; Hercules, strength; Atlas, stamina; Zeus, power; Achilles, courage; and Mercury, speed, in a word...SHAZAM!
10 reviews
Jeffrey Doak
March 27, 2019
Filmation gem fom the 1970s. excellent family show as it provides a wonderful role model for children. as an added bonus, someone went to the trouble of restoring the "moral of the story" sequences at the end. For adults who were children during the 70s, this is a wonderful walk down memory lane.
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Juaquin Garcia
May 10, 2019
Hated it. very bad and sux
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Brandie Williamson
May 5, 2019
Shazam. Brings back great childhood.
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