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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Part 1
In 1750 in the river region of The Gambia in West Africa, Omoro Kinte and his wife, Binta, have their first child, a son named Kunta. Kunta is trained in Mandinka customs and is a dedicated student who dreams of traveling to the university.
2 Part 2
In 1775, Kunta is working on the Waller farm when he meets English Redcoats encouraging slaves to run away and join the English army. The slaves are promised freedom if they fight for King George.
3 Part 3
As George grows to manhood, he exhibits traits of both parents. Like Tom Lea, he loves cockfighting and carousing; an accomplished trainer of gamecocks, he earns the nickname "Chicken George."
4 Part 4
After more than 20 years in England, Chicken George is given his freedom and he returns to the Lea farm. In his absence, his family was sold off to North Carolina, where he tracks them down.
101 Roots: Empowerment
Watch an exclusive trailer for the epic 4-part miniseries.
102 Roots: Cultural Connector
Go behind-the-scenes and find out more about the highly anticipated miniseries.

About this show

ROOTS is a historical portrait that recounts one family’s struggle to resist the institution of American slavery, as they carry on the legacy of Kunta Kinte despite enormous hardship and inhumanity. Based on Alex Haley’s best-selling novel.
365 reviews
Tia C.
September 4, 2016
I can't believe this how white people treated the slaves like that. Those kind of white people who brutally beat innocent black slaves don't deserve to live honestly. This is history. It's explaining how Kunta knite stood up for himself and will not let any master take him down. Wow, I'm glad that it's not happening now. Thanks to Abraham Lincoln.
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Wyatt the healthy man
April 18, 2019
The Native Americans at wounded knee, 300 Sioux women, and children killed from the practice of the ghost dance. Freedom of religion is a right that was established in 1786, and was broken in 1890 by the white men when 300 Lakota were attending a ghost dance ceremony. To be honest i think this remake was a big waste of money that could have been used to teach more than what was shown.
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Sylvia Coco
October 7, 2016
All I can say, is WOW! The remake of this movie is very good, it is hard to watch certain parts still; And it still feels like that same atmosphere in certain places, right now Today! We are Human just like they are, but just a different Color! But God loves all Colors!
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